‘auticon enables me to work the way I want to work: I can fully focus on the quality of my work and don’t have to worry about those factors that may stop me from doing an excellent job. The best thing about working for auticon is that I can do what I’m good at.’

auticon Expert Consultant Martin Neumann
Photo Credit: Marco Urban

Wanted: Tech Talents

About auticon

  • IT and compliance consulting business
  • All consultants are on the autism spectrum
  • Projects in software testing, development, analytics, compliance & security
  • Clients range from major corporations (Siemens, Allianz, UniCredit, etc.) to SMEs and Start Ups

Our offer

  • Continuous employment as auticon consultant
  • Career opportunities from junior to expert level
  • Fascinating and complex projects
  • Working together with very smart people
  • Autism positive work environment
  • Support of job coach and project manager whenever needed

Apply now

Please visit the local websites for more information on vacancies and our recruitment process:


For applications in the U.S. please send an e-mail to info@auticon.us