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Technology careers for autistic professionals and more

Explore a rewarding career as a technologist working for our innovative clients or join our operations teams to help grow our mission.

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Is working at auticon right for you?

All of our technologists are on the autism spectrum

Our technologists are all on the autism spectrum and typically have a formal diagnosis. As an auticon employee, you would perform your job remotely or in the client’s office with the support of an auticon job coach.

Our operations teams are open to anyone

Our operations teams include leadership positions, job coaches, sales, human resources, and more. Since neurodiversity is important to us, neurodivergent candidates are encouraged to apply.

auticon is a supportive environment

auticon provides an inclusive work environment, supportive job coaches, and a low stress job interview process. We offer flexible work schedules, competitive pay, and an autism-friendly workplace.

"Autism is only part of who I am."

Every autistic person and their autistic traits are unique. The truth is, autism has no “look” or even one set of traits, strengths, or struggles. At auticon, our team members have broad and diverse interests – including as technology experts – and we are respected for it.

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More than a job

We know that your personal autonomy is important, so we provide benefits to help you thrive at work and at home. Each of our global offices provides a competitive benefits package that may include: flexible work schedule, competitive medical, dental and vision benefits, paid vacation, holidays and retirement investments. 

We provide resources and guidance to help you prioritize your mental health, so you can maintain a long and healthy career at auticon.

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How we support you

auticon’s technologists and clients are supported by our job coaches who ensure that the technologists’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our talented job coaches promote inclusion and well-being and are integral to making sure our technologists feel supported in their assignments. 

Our Job Coaches typically have a background in clinical psychology, performance coaching, managing anxiety disorders, special education, and vocational rehabilitation.

"We're not giving our employees synthetic jobs constructed for autistic people. These are real jobs that come with good salaries and good benefits." - Patrick, Consulting Director

Our hiring process

The auticon US recruitment process is specifically tailored to be autism-friendly and free of traditional interviews. One thing that makes our process unique is that we want to get to know you, what your technical skills and interests are, what your experience has been, what your needs in a workplace are, and generally just who you are. This is so we can hire people and provide a career, not just a next gig, and place you into a role that is truly the best fit for you.
1. Application
The first step in our process is applying either by sending your resume to su.no1717042855citua1717042855@ofni1717042855 or applying through one of our recruitment partners. Our recruitment team will follow up with any clarifying questions we may have.
2. Technical Skills Survey
This is a survey where you can self-rate your level of proficiency with a wide range of technical skills. If your skills are a match for the types of roles we hire for, we will reach out via email to schedule an informal chat with a member of our recruitment team.
3. Informal Chat
This is not an interview, just a chance for our team to get a better idea of the areas you are skilled and interested in and for us to explain this recruitment process to you. The chat can be a video or audio-only call and takes about 30 minutes.
4. Technical Challenge
These are timed coding challenges, typically two hours, that are not proctored and can be taken in more of a “real world” scenario with notes to refer to. The challenges are scored in few areas on a scale of 1-5 stars and comments are also provided by the reviewer. Once scored, a member of our technical team reviews the whole thing—not just the star rating but also the comments and the code itself. If you have shown us a level of skill that is within the range we are looking for, we can move forward to the next step.

5. Technical Chat
Again, this is not an interview. It’s a casual conversation with a member of our technical delivery team to dive into your skills and what you want to do with your career. It also includes a brief code review of your technical challenge.
6. Job Coach Questionnaire & Chat
We know that finding the right work environment is key to each employee’s ability to thrive in their job. Each of our clients and each team within those clients has a unique work environment. To find the right fit for you, we incorporate job coaching into our recruitment process. Through a questionnaire and a brief chat with one of our job coaches, we learn more about you and what will work best for you.

7. Finding the Perfect Role
Once we’ve completed these steps, we move forward into looking for the best role for you at auticon. Once we have a project match, we hire you as an auticon employee. That means you receive your salary and full benefits, as well as a job coach, internal supervisor, and customized learning and development plan through us. You work on a long-term project for one of our clients and are also fully integrated into that client team. If at any point your project comes to an end, we will put you onto another project and will typically fill gaps between projects with training or an internal auticon project.

Who works at auticon? "We do!"

The Junior Technologist

Hanna’s passion is programming. She showed her family her first JavaScript programming at the age of eight: a browser-based memory game, with which she impressed her classmates, who otherwise found her very quiet and a bit strange. Hanna herself noticed that there were differences between her and the other kids, but she didn’t mind. After graduating from high school, she was diagnosed as autistic. This explained a lot to her and helps her avoid stressful situations. She dropped out of her studies in computer science and software development because she was overwhelmed with planning her assignments. She found college life chaotic, unstructured, and very stressful, and didn’t think a degree was relevant because it didn’t say anything about her actual skills as a programmer. However, the employers she then applied to saw it differently; she didn’t find a job until her parents urged her to apply to auticon.

“I had heard of auticon, but thought the projects were low-level technical. I was wrong! I work on exciting projects, am challenged and encouraged, and can hand off strenuous organizational things or do them together with my project manager and job coach.”

Illustration of a young female software engineer
Illustration of a female software engineer

The Self-Taught Senior Technologist

Tina is a real autodidact when it comes to programming. Therefore, she became a full-time software developer right away after she finished her studies in the humanities. Before she came to auticon, Tina was 15 years self-employed. During this time, she got to know a lot of different companies and people. However, she also was working until she was very exhausted and suffered from several burnouts. About two years ago, Tina was diagnosed as autistic. This diagnosis made her rethink different aspects of her life, including her profession. She decided to quit self-employment and apply for a position at auticon. Tina has a trusting relationship with her Job Coach and appreciates his help in structuring her working day, which has helped her avoid the burnout she experienced in the past.

“Since my first contact during the application process, I really feel comfortable in working at auticon. At the beginning it was unfamiliar for me to work in a real company. Meanwhile, I was introduced to everything, and I highly appreciate the working environment. In my current project I am also taking on the role of a mentor and so I am sharing my knowledge with a new colleague.”

The Technologist with Advanced Degrees

Frederic has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a PhD in data science. During the course of his studies, he was diagnosed as autistic and is grateful for it, as he now better understands why he found the large lecture halls so stressful. Frederic has had two different jobs in technology, but was terminated both times without being told why. This pretty much demotivated him in terms of his professional future. It was only when his sister told him about auticon that he could bring himself to send out another application. With success: Frederic has now been part of the auticon team for 1 ½ years and works permanently in data science projects.

“It’s good that my path has led me to auticon! I appreciate the honesty of my colleagues and that I am allowed to be who I am. I especially like the exchange with other autistic people on professional as well as personal topics.”

Illustration of a young male software engineer
Illustration of a young male software engineer

The Entry Level Technologist

Stefan was diagnosed as autistic as a child and received a lot of support from his parents. He went to an inclusive elementary school, and even though there was some teasing, there was a cohesion among the kids. He only had negative experiences in high school: there were often misunderstandings and he had difficulties because of the loud, sometimes very aggressive teenagers in his class. During his education and later in job interviews he often felt unfairly and badly evaluated, but he didn’t know what the problem was and how to change it. He knew he had a strong interest in tech, so he attended a bootcamp and then got an internship. Then he read about auticon in a magazine and applied there. He recently joined the company and was assigned to a project where he can contribute his expertise well and learn something new every day.

“At auticon, I don’t have to constantly explain what I can do and why I am the way I am. Working in a team at the client is pleasant, because everyone knows that we are autistic, and my job coach supports me in my development. This gives me a lot of peace of mind and security and is simply a very good start to my career.”

Share your story

We would love to hear from you. If you don’t have a resume or didn’t see a job opening that is right for you, you’re welcome to use the form on the right to contact us. Upload a video or MP3 file,  share your story and be creative. We understand that there are non-traditional ways to apply for a job and now is your chance. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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    auticon team member Gary Jones

    Technologist Spotlight

    With more than 20 years of experience in software development and ten years in software engineering leadership roles, Gary remembers a time when autism wasn’t understood or accepted in the workplace. “It was very challenging to deal with the stigma of autism,” he recalled. He specialized in bridging software development, strategy, and innovation for large and entrepreneurial organizations and worked with people that were neurodivergent and recognized their strengths. 

    Today, Gary is a Delivery Manager and senior member of auticon’s technology team, providing mentorship and support to less experienced technologists. “For me, it’s rewarding seeing an autistic individual join a company and start a career, and providing them with any support necessary to help them grow and succeed,” he says. “Being in a position that allows me to impart my knowledge to others using my industry experience fulfills my passion for mentoring and helping others succeed and realize their full potential.” 

    Employment changes lives

    We believe affecting change in one life is the starting point for changing society. We therefore measure our social performance through the difference auticon makes to the lives of our autistic colleagues, the impact on our customer organizations, and the role we play in creating awareness of neurodiversity in society.

    Between 15-20% of the global population are neurodivergent. 2% are estimated to be autistic. Despite many autistic people being talented, qualified and keen to work, only 29% of autistic people are in full time work. Within the autistic workforce, a vast majority are under-employed, working in jobs that they are over-qualified or over-skilled for. 

    Feel they can be their authentic self at work 77%
    Feel valued for who they are at auticon 84%
    Improved wellbeing 78%
    Feel more confident 74%

    Frequently asked questions

    Who are some of auticon's clients?

    In the US, our clients include many companies you have probably heard of, such as Nationwide, Disney, Salesforce, Regeneron, and more. Globally, clients include Deloitte, UBS, and Zurich, to name a few. When working at auticon, you may perform work for one client, or many.

    How much do employees get paid?

    Employees are paid based on the job performed. For example, an employee who is hired as a software engineer is paid a competitive wage based on their skills and experience and competitive with other software engineers in their market. It’s a professional salary with benefits, paid vacation time, and more.

    Does auticon provide training?

    In some cases, there are training opportunities for experienced technologists to upskill, earn micro degrees, or complete training that is requested by our clients. We do not provide training to job applicants without prior experience.

    Is auticon a nonprofit charity?

    No. auticon is a for-profit private business. We hire autistic professionals as technology consultants and assign them work projects to support and improve our clients’ technology platforms.

    Does auticon employ people who are not autistic or neurodivergent?

    All our technologists are on the autism spectrum. An autism spectrum diagnosis is essential to work as an auticon technologist. However, careers working as a member of our operations teams are open to autistic as well as non-autistic applicants. These jobs include executive leadership, human resources, recruiters, marketing, finance and more.

    Do you offer remote or work from home careers?

    Yes. We offer remote and hybrid roles depending on client requirements. Each job is unique and it is best to be clear about your preference when applying.

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