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Partnering with you to develop a neuro-inclusive workforce
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Education that creates a
neuro-confident workforce.

As an autistic-majority company, auticon succeeds as a result of its neurodiversity. We enrich the lives of autistic adults and act as a catalyst for making radical change in client organizations.

auticon is the first service provider that any business turns to for advice on how to create, develop and improve their teams and processes into being neurodiverse. We help clients transform HR practices, managers become neuro-confident, raise business-wide understanding and, most importantly, transform careers and provide thriving opportunities to neurodiverse talent globally.

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Why disclosure is important

Autistic people experience and interpret the world in a different way. These differences are often misunderstood, or worse, unfairly judged. This often leads people to mask their autism or feel uncomfortable disclosing their autism to employers. Without the right support and understanding, an autistic person’s experience at work can be draining and overwhelming, often leading to burnout. However, only 12% of autistic adults say they receive adequate employment support. 

Through auticon’s advisory services, we help clients create an environment where employees feel comfortable disclosing autism and other neuro-divergent conditions – and get the support they need.

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How will your company benefit?

Work with us to review your current neuro-inclusion status, identify what you’re doing well at, what we can help to improve, and learn about the gaps we can recommend solving. We will offer tailored and flexible options that work for your organisation, your neurodivergent colleagues and managers.

  • Scoping session to understand areas of the business
  • Coach employers on the retention of autistic employees
  • Assist clients in creating a disclosure-friendly culture
  • Detailed audit of recruitment process, interview process and office environment

It begins with a trusted auticon advisor, partnering with clients to audit hiring practices
and understand their neurodiversity needs.

Autistic talent

We integrate our autistic technology consultants into client companies, performing as software developers, data analysts, QA engineers, and more. Clients experience our outstanding autistic professionals first-hand, opening minds and achieving diversity goals.

Neurodiversity Training

Through actionable neuroinclusive training, our clients improve the economic and social conditions of neuro-divergent adults by providing quality careers, unlocking opportunity, and transforming their workplace into supportive environment.

auticon Labs

Through auticon Labs, we utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to develop commercial technology solutions to social and environmental challenges faced by neurodivergent adults, helping them to succeed in the workplace.

What to expect

  • A dedicated specialist to work with your team
  • Discovery sessions and audit
  • Coaching services for colleagues and managers
  • Clear guidance and coaching on how to implement our recommendations
  • Training in supporting our advice

"auticon has helped build our awareness around neurodiversity, improve our internal practices, and contributed to our success through the work of these highly skilled individuals." - Client

Our clients experience change

Our clients experience our autistic teams first-hand, achieving diversity goals and breaking down stereotypes. As a result, auticon builds awareness around neurodiversity, improves internal practices, and contributes to our clients success through the work of our highly skilled consultants. “I now have a much thorough understanding of the positive workplace contribution that someone with autism can make,” responded one client in our recent Impact Report survey, “and what autism actually is.” 

Say perception of autism has changed68%
Are more confident working with autistic people81%
Have greater understanding of neurodiversity85%
Say auticon made a positive impact on their culture73%

Autism is not a processing error,
it's a different operating system.

Want to know how we can transform your business through neurodiversity?
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