auticon Labs

Welcome to auticon's innovation lab, dedicated to the design and prototyping of new products.

Innovating for change

Through our innovation lab, we utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to develop commercial technology solutions to social and environmental challenges faced by autistic professionals, helping them succeed in the workplace.

Located at our office in London, auticon Labs will be a place where our neurodivergent teams, clients, and investors come together to collaborate on new ideas.

  • Application development
  • SaaS platforms
  • Training tools
  • Stress Management
  • Energy sensors
  • Recruitment tools


When experiencing a company office design from an autistic perspective, we work for innovative solutions to anxieties caused by the slamming door, the clicking keyboard, and the buzzing overhead fluorescent lamps. 


The traditional process for recruiting and interviewing job candidates is flawed, leaving many neuro-divergent candidates behind. We are innovating new tools to better screen talent based on relevant job skills.


Communicating with precision means adopting a new approach to language that leaves nothing to interpretation. auticon is working to develop communication tools of the future.

Measuring neurodiversity

Our proprietary software application, ñima collects and analyses survey data, providing a clear picture of a client company’s neuroinclusion maturity. Detailed reporting provides a comprehensive tool for measuring improvement, achieving neurodiversity goals, and understanding gaps.

ñima allows for clients to better understand their organisation, people, and challenges – and to discover the potential to reach commercial, ESG, and social-impact goals through neuroinclusion.

ñima is a registered trademark of auticon.

Understanding intelligence

auticon’s Cognitive Assessment Application will measure two unique types of intelligence: Inductive Reasoning and Crystalized Intelligence. Inductive Reasoning measures ‘fluid intelligence’ which is the ability to reason and solve problems in unique and novel situations. Crystallized Intelligence testing measures the job candidate’s ability to use knowledge acquired through past training, such as reading comprehension and vocabulary exams. Crystallized Intelligence is based upon facts and rooted in experiences.

Efficient hiring

The Autility App is a database for sales, project management, personnel planning and recruiting. Each auticon consultant is included with their skills, main areas of deployment, education, qualifications and certifications. Through the Autility app, we can also react to our own portfolio enhancement, market changes, and new trends and expand the workforce through targeted training measures in specific technology and service areas. The Autility App was developed by auticon’s neurodivergent team in Germany and is being rolled out worldwide.

Learning platform

In Germany, we have established the auticon Academy – a learning platform by employees for employees. The Academy holds lectures, workshops and interactive discussion seminars on topics of common interest that can range from self-advocacy to mental health awareness to social impact initiatives. A workshop on “Language and Autism”explored perspectives on how we speak about ourselves and the nuances of language when speaking to and about autistic individuals.

A refreshing and innovative place to develop new products from an autistic perspective

  • “Hyperconnectivity, hyperreactivity and hyperplasticity of autistic brains not only enable us to process more bandwidth on the input channels, but this also implies both increased frequency in forming and adaptivity in changing meaningful connections. Therefore, autistic neurons take more factors into consideration than in neurotypical approaches and because of that the likelihood there’s something considered that no one else has paid attention to yet is also increasing the likelihood that this can be seen as innovative or at least creative.”

    Consultant, Germany
    Marc, an auticon team member
  • “Autism isn’t an additive that merely alters a neurotypical brain, it isn’t super-juice, it’s a whole perspective. We are all of us, neurotypicals and autistics alike, innovative and creatively intelligent in our own ways. It’s just that autistic people tend to have less or different apprehensions about how, when, where, and why we pursue that creative intelligence.”

    Consultant, Australia
    Aidan, an auticon team member
  • “Perseverance, precision, concentration, but also out of the box thinking, questioning existing systems and traditions. Sometimes seeing the needle in the haystack. Curiosity, crawling through product catalogs and puzzling pieces together in a different way than others do.”

    Consultant, Switzerland
    Beat, an auticon team member

What is the idea behind auticon Labs?

Thanks to our neurodiversity as an organisation, auticon is abuzz with new ideas. While some of these ideas are about improving our internal processes and efficiency, others are about building innovative solutions that can help neurodivergent people anywhere in society. We recognise this stream of creative energy as our strength and will continue to encourage and support these ideas.

What type of solutions will you build?

Labs will also be acutely aware of the commercial landscape and will in time, adopt the identity of a SaaS vendor as we establish the product roadmap. Business solutions from the Labs portfolio will directly target the digitization of manual workflows and support business critical processes across auticon’s technology consulting services. Products from the Labs portfolio will directly target workplace neuroinclusivity enablement.

Where will your product ideas come from?

It is critical that we capture, nurture, and develop product and solution ideas from our people. One of the core functions of our portfolio will be to capture and record all demand signals and ideas from the business.

What are the immediate challenges?

We want to deliver solutions that have a real impact, so we want to ensure we are close to our customers and, more importantly, close to their challenges. We want to establish a long-term roadmap and stay ahead of the curve where we can. We are investing energy into setting up the right framework to operate against to ensure longevity and deep partnerships.

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