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Technology careers for autistic professionals and more

Explore a rewarding career as an IT consultant working for our innovative clients or join our operations teams to help grow our mission.

Is working at auticon right for you?

All of our IT consultants are autistic

Our technology resources have been diagnosed or identify as being autistic. As an auticon employee, you would perform your job remotely, on-site at a client’s office, or a hybrid of the two, all with the support of our employment coordination team.

Our operations teams are open to anyone

Our operations teams include leadership positions, employment coordinators, sales, human resources, and more. Since neurodiversity is vital to us, neurodivergent candidates are encouraged to apply.

auticon is a supportive environment

auticon provides an inclusive work environment, supportive employment coordinators, and a low stress job interview process. We offer flexible work schedules, competitive pay, and an autism-friendly workplace.

"Autism is only part of who I am."

Every autistic person is unique. The truth is autism has no “look” or even one set of traits, strengths, or challenges. At auticon, our team members have broad and diverse interests – including as technology experts – and we are respected for it.

More than a job

We know your personal autonomy is important, so we provide benefits to help you thrive at work and at home. auticon Canada offers competitive compensation, benefits, and accommodations.

We are proud of the community that we are building. We facilitate social events, professional development opportunities, and we provide you with access to resources and guidance so you can prioritize your mental health while maintaining a long, healthy, and fulfilling career with auticon. 

How we support you

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by our Employment Coordinators who ensure that the consultants’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our Employment Coordinators promote inclusion and wellbeing and are integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments.

Our Employment Coordinators typically have a background in clinical psychology, performance coaching, managing anxiety disorders, special education, and vocational rehabilitation.

"We're not giving our consultants synthetic jobs constructed for autistic people. These are real jobs that come with good salaries and good benefits." - Patrick, Consulting Director

Current openings for IT consultants on the autism spectrum
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Our hiring process

At  auticon Canada, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming recruitment process for neurodiverse job seekers. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where autistic applicants can be their authentic selves and experience success. We follow an in-depth, four-step process because getting to know people well helps us match our employees to projects and work environments where they can be successful and thrive. This is the secret to our success in launching and supporting successful careers in tech.  

Step 1 - Application: Complete a short application form on our website. You will be asked to upload a resume and cover letter and will answer questions about personal and professional tech experience, educational background, autism, support requirements, etc.   

Step 2 – Informal Interview:  Applicants will have an informal interview with a member of our employment coordination team. Our team has many years of experience working in the autism community and is uniquely suited to provide a comfortable setting, where candidates can be themselves. We use this conversation to better understand applicants’ technical skills, strengths, challenges and what supports they may benefit from if they join our team. Our goal is to learn who you are, what you are passionate about, and the type of environment you need to thrive. 

Step 3 – Technical Interview: At this stage, we want to understand your technical skills. Applicants complete a technical survey, where they indicate tools and technologies they have used, as well as their level of proficiency. They then meet with our technical talent advisor, for an informal chat about their skills. A technical challenge may also be provided, which can be completed together virtually, or independently, according to candidate preference. The goal of this step is to determine proficiency in different tools and skills and match to client requirements. It is by no means a test, but rather a means of evaluating skill in different domains.   

Step 4 – Skills Assessment: The final stage of our process is an assessment conducted virtually by our employment coordination team. For more experienced candidates, the assessment is a half-day. For early stage candidates, the assessment is three days. The assessment consists of a series of non-technical tasks, delivered in a group setting. We use 36 key performance indicators relating to success in tech and employability skills that we evaluate through non-technical tasks. This assessment helps us further understand strengths and support needs so that we can optimize future work environments and projects for our employees. 

Once candidates have successfully completed the assessment, our team provides feedback, and candidates are invited to join our resource pool. We then begin the process of identifying opportunities with our business clients. Our job is to find the perfect match, which sometimes takes time.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of all the benefits of our community including additional upskilling advice, and resources as well as participate in our social and networking events.  

Auticon is more than a job – it’s a community.   

Who works at auticon? "We do!"

Early stage

Hanna’s passion is programming and software development. She dropped out of her studies in computer science and software development because she was overwhelmed with planning her assignments, finding it chaotic, unstructured, and very stressful. Despite creating several personal projects that demonstrate her skills and talent, Hanna was continually passed over for jobs because of her lack of experience, incomplete education, and difficulty with interviews. 
“auticon saw my potential and through the support of my employment coordinator and technical director, I am working on exciting technical projects and managing through the organizational things that can cause me stress.”
Some things we are looking for:
  • Completed or participated in some formal technical training (e.g., university, graduate school, Bootcamps or microlearning) 
  • Completed a coop or internship
  • Projects or examples to demonstrate technical skillset (e.g., Github repo, portfolio, sample personal or academic projects) 
  • Up to two years’ experience working or volunteering in area of expertise 


Matthew is 46 years old and has been an independent software developer since graduating from university with a degree in physics. While self-employed, Matthew found he was exposed to a variety of different projects but the process of finding and interacting with clients was challenging. He recently discovered he is autistic giving him a new understanding of the areas where he’s been challenged and the areas where he’s succeeded. He decided to apply to auticon when he learned about their supportive work environment and the possibility of steady employment. 
“Since my first contact during the application process, I felt comfortable with the auticon team, and I highly appreciate the working environment. In my current project, I am also taking on the role of a mentor, and so I am sharing my knowledge with new colleagues.”
Some things we are looking for 2-5 years of professional experience in :
  • Data Science/Analysis/Engineering 
  • Software/Web Development 
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing (Manual/Automation)  
  • Cybersecurity


Maria has a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in data science, with a minor in software engineering. During her studies she discovered she is autistic. Maria has held many technical roles but has had difficulty navigating team structures and social cues and has been let go because of “lack of fit”. Maria saw an opportunity at auticon to pursue her passion for data science, to receive support navigating team dynamics, and to also mentor some of her colleagues at earlier stages of their careers. 
“I love that I can now pursue my passion as my career and have the support of my Employment Coordinator who gives me strategies to navigate client-team dynamics, as well as the opportunity to educate our clients on autism at work. I’m helping to create more inclusive environments.” 
Some things we are looking for 5+ years of professional experience in :
  • Data Science/Analysis/Engineering 
  • Software/Web Development 
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing (Manual/Automation)  
  • Cybersecurity

Share your story

We would love to hear from you. If you don’t have a CV or didn’t see a job opening that is right for you – you’re welcome to use the form on the right to contact us. Upload a video or MP3 file,  share your story and be creative. We understand that there are non-traditional ways to apply for a job and now is your chance. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Consultant Spotlight

    Despite his skills in data analytics and development, Greyson was working in retail and having trouble finding a role that suited his skills and his career aspirations. Navigating the interview process, particularly the indirect, nuanced questions as well as reading the social cues was especially difficult. Greyson’s Employment Coordinator worked with him to prepare for the meeting with a new client and coached the hiring team to adjust their questions and interview style to ensure they would get the best out of Greyson in the meeting. Shortly after, the team onboarded Greyson onto their project team. 

    “My team at Canadian Tire has done a phenomenal job supporting me in my new position. Their emphasis on direct and frequent communication ensures that I always get a clear picture of my day-to-day, so I don’t have to worry about unspoken expectations or sudden deadlines. I am regularly informed about the impact of my work and recognized for my accomplishments, which really helps me see the value of my contributions and the difference I’m making for the company. I am excited to continue my work with them and very grateful to auticon for their continued support.” 

    Employment changes lives

    We believe affecting change in one life is the starting point for changing society. We therefore measure our social performance through the difference auticon makes to the lives of our autistic colleagues, the impact on our customer organizations, and the role we play in creating awareness of neurodiversity in society.

    Between 15-20% of the global population are neurodivergent. 2% are estimated to be autistic. Despite many autistic people being talented, qualified and keen to work, only 29% of autistic people are in full time work. Within the autistic workforce, a vast majority are under-employed, working in jobs that they are over-qualified or over-skilled for. 

    Feel they can be their authentic self at work 77%
    Feel valued for who they are at auticon 84%
    Improved wellbeing 78%
    Feel more confident 74%

    Frequently asked questions

    Who are some of auticon's clients?

    We work with organizations of all sizes including Canadian and global leaders such as Deloitte, Canadian Tire, Telus, Bell, Manulife, National Bank, Desjardins, Business Development Bank of Canada, and more.

    How much do employees get paid?

    Our employees are compensated based a competitive wage based on a combination of role, skill and experience. Our compensation packages also include benefits, vacation, flex days, and more.

    Does auticon provide training?

    We offer a number of opportunities for training! Whether employees want to improve on existing skills or learn new skills, our technical director works with our consultants to determine the best learning path.

    Is auticon a non profit charity?

    No. auticon is purpose driven, for profit private enterprise. We hire autistic professionals as technology consultants and assign them work projects to support and improve our client’s technology platforms.

    Does auticon employ people who are not autistic or neurodivergent?

    All our technology consultants are autistic or identify as being on the spectrum. Careers working as a member of our operations team are open to autistic and non-autistic applicants. These jobs include executive leadership, human resources, recruiters, marketing, finance, and more.

    Do you offer remote or work from home careers?

    Yes. During the pandemic, we all worked remotely. Some may return to work at auticon offices or client offices, while others may remain working from home. Each job is unique, and it is best to be clear about your preference when applying.

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