Specialisterren innovates with RPA

Since 2020 there has been a new service at Specialisterren: RPA! Since then we have been able to carry out a number of great assignments and we are learning more about Robotic Process Automation every day. RPA Services manager Ernst Kolvenbag is responsible for researching and marketing this service. Ernst: “Working at Specialisterren is fascinating because it’s all about entrepreneurship and building up a good relationship with the client. At Specialisterren we set the course together and are constantly developing creative ideas.”

Ernst Kolvenbag

Innovation and services

Digital transformation requires thinking outside the box within current business processes. By means of RPA, employees can automate their repetitive work and focus more on the customer. RPA is a technique used to automate business processes with the help of software robots.

A software service that fits in perfectly with Specialisterren’s service portfolio, according to Ernst. “RPA automates tasks within a process so that employees can do their work with more quality. When people do their work with more satisfaction, that leads to higher organisational quality. That is exactly what Specialisterren aims to achieve by offering RPA. With RPA implemented by Specialisterren you add value to your organisation. In addition to this quality boost, our clients enter into a partnership with Specialisterren in which we create social impact together.”

Skills and people

A new service that is tailor-made for the staff at Specialisterren. “The implementation of RPA is almost identical to how our engineers build automated tests. We have the absolute skills and people in-house for RPA.”

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