Autistic Porsche Sprint Cup driver works with auticon

Porsche auticon

Since the middle of this year, Specialisterren has been part of auticon, the world’s largest social enterprise in IT. Together with colleagues in 15 countries, we work every day to offer a (career) job in high-quality IT services to as many people with autism as possible. Having a job is of great, positive influence on the lives of people with a form of autism.

Our Australian auticon colleagues recently started a unique partnership with Ben Taylor Racing (BTR). Two years ago, 19-year-old Ben was diagnosed with autism and has been a proud neurodiverse athlete ever since. Ben wants to become a professional race car driver and an ambassador for the autistic community.

If you are a racing fan, you know that it has a lot to do with calculations, turns, speed and technique. But it’s also about passion, dedication, hard work and a strong focus. So a special aspect of the collaboration is that auticon will support Ben with technological expertise in Data Analytics and Software Design. With this, valuable data can be obtained to improve Ben’s races. The IT solution will automate and map track data and demonstrate areas of improvement for his racing. A solution that, if successful, could impact the performance of all drivers. By doing this, we see the opportunity to support Ben very concretely and contribute to motorsports. And at the same time, the collaboration offers the opportunity to show the power of autism in a different way.

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