Quality improvement and social impact at Arbo Unie!

Specialisterren and Arbo Unie have been working together since the beginning of 2020. Specialisterren provides all kinds of test services within the IT landscape of Arbo Unie and is now exploring the possibilities in the field of RPA together with Nidaros and Arbo Unie. Ton Goedhart is IT manager at Arbo Unie and is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “The use of Specialisterren has enabled us to improve quality and work more efficiently.

Arbo Union

Arbo Unie is a national occupational health and safety service provider in the field of absenteeism, prevention and medical examinations. They are present throughout the country with 46 branches. The IT department where Ton works, makes sure that the whole IT infrastructure of Arbo Unie works properly.

Choosing Specialisterren

Ton: “Before I arrived, testing was still minimally outsourced and was actually a bit of an Achilles’ heel that cost too much time for the functional administrators. That’s why I wanted to outsource most of the testing and that’s how I came into contact with Specialisterren. The idea that Specialisterren would test remotely and not work on site really appealed to me. Ultimately, this physical distance ensured that the (test) work was more defined. This created a serious focus on testing and quality control and allowed our own people to focus on their own work.

Another decisive factor in our choice of Specialisterren was its social mission combined with the fact that it is a small, nimble and specialist organisation. We therefore experience the contact with them as fast and personal.”

The method

Initially, a high level estimate was made to define all processes. These processes were divided into large, medium and small. Next, regression test sets were made of these processes. These test sets are now all in use and functional and regression tests are being set up on other components.

The return

Ton: “The use of Specialisterren has enabled us to make a quality leap and work more efficiently. The result is cost reduction: if we didn’t use you, we would have to do hotfixes and that costs more than hiring you.”

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