Robotic process automation

Our RPA developers can strengthen and support your development team on-demand
- all on the autism spectrum and ready to work on your next project.

Robotic Process Automation

With RPA, you optimise processes, creating more efficiency in an organisation. It also provides you with management information about process execution activities and a higher level of employee and customer satisfaction. Our engineers develop an automated process on the basis of your process definition document (PDD). The scripts of these processes go through a code review and user acceptance test, so that quality is always guaranteed. When the scripts are in production, we relieve your company with maintenance and management.

RPA development

auticon’s RPA developers have programming experience, knowledge of ICT, infrastructure, database environments and insight into business processes. We also pay attention to the testing of our RPA automations, so that going live is problem-free. We see RPA Development as a combination of Business, automation tooling and IT; we speak the ‘lingo’ in all these environments. quality is in our DNA.

RPA maintenance

Organizations that have been working with process automation for some time run into the failure of (soft) bots quite often. The processes involved can be critical, making it necessary to counter failures or be able to resolve failures quickly. Therefore, maintaining such automated processes is very important. This is not always easy, partly because developers prefer RPA development and as few maintenance tasks as possible.

Our RPA developers can strengthen and support your development team on-demand. In addition, because we are a social enterprise, we can also help fulfill CSR goals, or a social return issue. Below you can find the different RPA services.

The CSR aspect of auticon is nice, but the most important thing is that they have done a great job.”

– Tom van Dael – CFO – Visma|Raet

Minimizing RPA maintenance

auticon can also support in minimizing maintenance. In fact, maintenance on RPA automation can be largely avoided.

Our approach in this is twofold:

  • Existing RPA bots are checked for error proneness and modified to minimize the chance of failure.
  • We take a close look at your RPA development methodology. Based on our findings, we work with your developers to set up an RPA development methodology that leads to less maintenance.

Custom UiPath activities

Smooth and efficient RPA development is partly determined by “activities” called in the UiPath RPA automation.

Working with Custom RPA activities has the advantage:

  • RPA development is faster, more efficient and clearer.
  • Low-code RPA developers can build complex flows quickly and easily.

auticon’s RPA specialists help take RPA automation to the next level with more business impact with this service.


Autistic Talent

Our autistic professionals have extraordinary cognitive abilities that provide exceptional value in the tech space. Logic, speed, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors provide a uniquely autistic perspective on your tech projects.

Targeted Fulfillment

We closely match each consultant to your job requirements, office culture, and the neurodiversity goals of your organization. Our autistic consultants arrive at work at your local office, providing expertise in high-demand skills such as business analytics, Salesforce Administration, software development, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and more. Like any team member, they become integrated into your teams and function as employees.

Ensured Success

Our job coaches play a central role in your success, acting as a liaison between you and the autistic consultant, working hand-in-hand to communicate timelines, manage expectations, resolve needs, and ensure the ultimate success of your program.

The auticon advantage

Autistic adults often have extraordinary cognitive abilities, such as logic, pattern recognition, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors, yet many find it difficult to secure or maintain mainstream employment. While autistic strengths are highly individualized, academic research shows advantages emerge:

  • Autistic employees show greater analytical & systemizing skill
  • Innovative & creative intelligence
  • Higher standards & productivit
  • Honesty
An illustration of a job coach at her desk

Job coaches ensure success

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by our job coaches who ensure that the consultants’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our  job coaches promote inclusion and wellbeing and are integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments. Most importantly they provide clients with support and information regarding autism in the workplace and can convey feedback between the client and the consultant.

Our Job Coaches typically have a background in clinical psychology, performance coaching, managing anxiety disorders, special education, and vocational rehabilitation.

A closer look at how we work

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Autism is not a processing error,
it's a different operating system.

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