Efficient Social Return with high-quality IT services performed by people with autism

Specialisterren is a Socal Enterprise and a leading IT company. Our mission is to offer permanent employment to as many talented people with autism as possible. In this blog, you will discover why outsourcing IT jobs to Specialisterren is not only beneficial for clients, but also results in high quality service.

Social Return and Specialisterren‍

Social Return is about creating opportunities and promoting inclusiveness in society. Specialisterren plays an important role in this by offering people with autism permanent jobs in which they can use their talents in the IT sector. By outsourcing IT assignments to Specialisterren, clients can make a tangible contribution to increasing participation in society for this talented group.

We can fulfill Social Return in tenders. By hiring us as a contractor or subcontractor, the Social Return requirement is fulfilled. We can record what percentage of Social Return this results in by means of a building block report. This way, you do not have to recruit and supervise new people yourself, but you can outsource this to us with a high-quality IT result as a result.

High Quality Service

A common misconception is that people with autism are limited in their ability to perform complex tasks. Specialisterren, however, proves otherwise. By recognizing and optimally employing the unique qualities of people with autism, we provide high-quality services. DNB, Police ICT and Schiphol Airport are examples of customers who have seen for many years the qualities of our employees..


If you are looking for the most efficient way to achieve social return while receiving high-quality IT services, Specialisterren is the ideal partner. By outsourcing IT assignments to us, clients can not only show their social commitment, but also benefit from the unique qualities of people with autism. Would you like to know more about this? Then get in touch with us!

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