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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence focuses on accessing, processing and applying data across all domains of society. It helps organizations understand data and make data-based decisions.

Robotic Process Automation

With RPA, you optimise processes, creating more efficiency in an organisation. It also provides you with management information about process execution activities and a higher level of employee and customer satisfaction.

Software testing services

Because we have built up expertise in various software testing services, we can not only test software very accurately, but also think along and advise on the testing approach.


Autistic Talent

Our autistic professionals have extraordinary cognitive abilities that provide exceptional value in the tech space. Logic, speed, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors provide a uniquely autistic perspective on your tech projects.

Targeted Fulfillment

We closely match each consultant to your job requirements, office culture, and the neurodiversity goals of your organization. Our autistic consultants arrive at work at your local office, providing expertise in high-demand skills such as business analytics, Salesforce Administration, software development, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and more. Like any team member, they become integrated into your teams and function as employees.

Ensured Success

Our job coaches play a central role in your success, acting as a liaison between you and the autistic consultant, working hand-in-hand to communicate timelines, manage expectations, resolve needs, and ensure the ultimate success of your program.

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Changing the lives of autistic adults through employment

As an autistic-majority global company, auticon succeeds as a result of its neurodiversity. Most of our team members are hired out of 2 years of unemployment and the value that a career adds to their life is significant. Despite this, estimates suggest less than 29% ( of autistic people are in any form of meaningful employment which aligns to their educational achievements.

auticon taps into this potential by employing autistic adults as technology consultants. Autistic employees are supported by job coaches and project managers, producing a win-win-win situation for clients, consultants, as well as society.

IT Consulting

Autistic Talent

Our autistic technology consultants have extraordinary cognitive abilities that provide exceptional value in the tech space. We succeed at this through our experience in closely matching each consultant to your job requirements, office culture, and the neurodiversity goals of your organization. Innovation, creative intelligence, precision, sustained concentration and an ability to intuitively spot errors provide a uniquely autistic perspective on client tech projects.

Neuroinclusion Services

Advisory Services

auticon is the first service provider that any business turns to for advice on how to create, develop and improve their teams and processes into being neurodiverse. We help clients transform HR practices, managers become neuro-confident, raise business-wide understanding and, most importantly, transform careers and provide thriving opportunities to neurodiverse talent globally.

Neuroinclusion Services

Neurodiversity Training

We understand that organisations may wish to support their own neurodivergent talent but are unsure on how to approach this. Our teaching professionals carry out our training with decades of clinical and applied experience in autism and neurodivergent conditions.

Inclusion is at the heart of what we do. Our neurodiversity training programs are developed in collaboration with our neurodivergent colleagues, contributing as subject-matter experts and trainers.

Our training is of interest to all employees within an organisation but is of particular relevance to leaders, human resources, legal, recruiters and managers.

Neuroinclusion Services

Job Coaching

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by our job coaches who ensure that the consultants’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our talented job coaches promote inclusion and wellbeing and are integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments. Most importantly they provide clients with support and information regarding autism in the workplace and can convey feedback between the client and the consultant.

Neuroinclusion Services

Neurodiversity eLearning

This interactive and engaging learning experience delivers insightful content from auticon’s neurodiversity subject matter experts and neurodivergent colleagues.

eLearning is designed to raise awareness of a changing neurodiverse workplace. It educates managers and employees on understanding what it means to be neurodivergent in the workplace and how to best work with their neurodivergent colleagues.

Our CPD-accredited course certifies anyone taking the course as achieving “NeuroAware” status. Students will receive a digital credential to showcase their achievements across social channels.

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Now is the time

Employers face a global talent shortage – auticon can help. By 2030, the global talent shortage is predicted to reach 85.2M workers. (Korn/Ferry, 2021) Worldwide, 87% of organizations are already experiencing a talent shortage or are expecting to face it within a few years (McKinsey, 2020.) The greatest need for talent exists in data analytics and IT management with advanced skills data analysis and mathematics.

Now is the time to attract and retain neurodivergent talent from a largely untapped talent pool. With proper support, neurodivergent employees can thrive in your organization, bringing fresh perspectives, and strengths in math, data and computer sciences.

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How will your company benefit?

auticon employs world-class technology that is ready to work on your next project. Our experienced teams range from entry-level to advanced computer and data scientists; 32% of our consultants have a Master’s degree or higher. While each of our consultants has unique skills that make them outstanding professionals, many experience cognitive benefits from autism, including advanced analytical and systemizing skills, innovative and creative intelligence, higher standards, increased productivity, and refreshingly honest perspectives.

  • Entry-level to senior computer and data science talent
  • Bulletproof systems through amazing perseverance
  • Real innovation through unique perspectives
  • Solutions for ‘unsolvable’ problems

Measuring our mission's impact

We believe affecting change in one life is the starting point for changing society. We therefore measure our social performance through the difference auticon makes to the lives of our autistic colleagues, the impact on our customer organisations, and the role we play in creating awareness of neurodiversity in society.

Between 15-20% of the global population are neurodivergent. 2% are estimated to be autistic. Despite many autistic people being talented, qualified and keen to work, only 29% of autistic people are in full time work. Within the autistic workforce, a vast majority are under-employed, working in jobs that they are over-qualified or over-skilled for. 

“I love that my skills and abilities are appreciated and that the main focus is on delivering good final results.” – auticon consultant

Feel they can be their authentic self at work 77%
Feel valued for who they are at auticon 84%
Improved wellbeing 78%
Feel more confident 74%

auticon Labs

Through our innovation lab, we utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to develop commercial technology solutions to social and environmental challenges faced by autistic professionals, helping them succeed in the workplace.

Located at our office in London, auticon Labs will be a place where our neurodivergent teams, clients, and investors come together to collaborate on new ideas.

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A closer look at how we work

A successful partnership with Arbo Union

With our partner Arbo Unie, we not only work on IT goals, but also set goals to make as much social impact as possible.

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