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auticon was founded in Berlin in 2011 by a father wanting better employment opportunities for his autistic son. Autistic professionals were employed as quality assurance consultants, debugging Websites and applications. As Managing Director of a small investment firm, Kurt Schöffer was approached by Ananda Social Venture Fund, who invited him to partner in creating Germany’s first social impact fund. The fund’s first investment was in auticon, where Kurt served as an advisor on the fund’s behalf. For Kurt, this was an opportunity to apply his business acumen to solve the social issue of rising unemployment among autistic adults, who often possess STEM skills applicable in a range of technology careers. After three months as an advisor, Kurt accepted a role as auticon’s Group CEO, later developing its 6 German office locations and expanding into Paris and London. The company added major clients such as BMW and Allianz, and new technology consulting services.

In 2016, Sir Richard Branson’s investment brought international attention to the company as it expanded into Italy and Switzerland. In 2018 auticon acquired two North American autism employers: MindSpark in Los Angeles and Meticulon in Calgary, later adding clients such as Salesforce and Deloitte and surpassing 200+ autistic employees globally. In 2019, auticon opened in Australia with one of the island’s largest employers.

In 2023, auticon and Unicus (with Specialisterren) entered an agreement under which the two companies would unite. The historic deal established a global model for an autistic-majority social enterprise and ESG company, addressing the inequalities in employment for neurodivergent adults. The two combined companies became the largest autistic-majority company in the world, with 81% of its 600 employees on the autism spectrum across 15 countries.

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auticon’s Global Impact Reports

2023 Global Impact Report

2022 Global Impact Report

2022 Specialisterren Social Impact verslag 2022 (Dutch)

2021 Global Impact Report (Published 2022)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: Italian,  English, and German)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)

2020 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)


“auticon + Deloitte Rapport, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” 2022

A new report by Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada finds employment barriers, lack of workplace support for Canada’s autistic community. The joint report surveyed 454 adults across the country.

2022 auticon + Deloitte Report, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” (English)

A posted image from LinkedIn showing a journalistic story called "Supporting neurodiversity at work"


Vincent Aalbers: ‘Neurodiversiteit en IT gaan juist heel goed samen’


Auticon and Unicus become the largest autistic-majority company


Unicus/Specialisterren fuseert met Auticon


Fusie auticon en Unicus/Specialisterren

Dutch IT Leaders

Podcast: Diversiteit essentieel om waarde toe te voegen

HDI Global Podcast

Ferd-selskap ansetter kun autister: Tar første steg ut i Europa



Report highlights autistic-majority employer’s success in creating a neurodiverse work culture and its effort to drive global social change

In recognizing April as Autism Acceptance Month, auticon and Unicus today published their 2023 Impact Report, "Scaling our Impact."
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Porsche auticon

Autistic Porsche Sprint Cup driver works with auticon

Since the middle of this year, Specialisterren has been part of auticon, the world's largest social enterprise in IT. Together with colleagues in 15 countries, we work every day to offer a (career) job in high-quality IT services to as many people with autism as possible. Having a job is of great, positive influence on the lives of people with a form of autism.
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Successful workshop ‘Agile DevOps and autism’ at DNB

On October 31, Specialisterren had the opportunity to host a workshop at De Nederlandsche Bank's Digital Festival. The central theme was the deployment of IT professionals with a form of autism in Agile DevOps environments.
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Ruud Hageman

Ruud Hageman appointed CEO of Specialisterren, succeeds founder Sjoerd van der Maaden at IT services provider

Specialisterren announces the appointment of Ruud Hageman as CEO. As of Oct. 1, he will succeed Sjoerd van der Maaden, who is retiring after 15 years.
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Efficient Social Return with high-quality IT services performed by people with autism

Find out how Specialisterren, an IT company, delivers social return by having its IT services performed by people with autism.
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