DJI receives Social Return certificate for the second time!

RPA at DJI with Specialisterren

The Shared Service Center (SSC) of Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI) is one of the epicenters of RPA in the Dutch public sector, with automations in procurement, finance, human resources and program management. 

Specialisterren is a social enterprise where people with autism provide high-quality IT services such as RPA from a low-stress work environment. In 2021, a partnership was established between Specialisterren and DJI. 

Continued development on a solid foundation 

This means that RPA developers from Specialisterren are working within DJI’s development team to automate processes. Specialisterren’s developers also ensure that older scripts are kept up-to-date. In addition, a library is built for the processes that occur frequently. This makes it easy to implement changes in scripts that are very similar.

Bastiaan is an RPA developer at Specialisterren and works for DJI: “What I like about this assignment is that this is the first project I am working on, where an entire system has already been set up. At DJI there is a solid foundation for various RPA scripts that I can build on. That’s very nice. Also, several people are working on a script. This is very instructive for me both in terms of method and technique, as well as communication. So a fine cooperation!” 

Social Return certificate

DJI is by nature a socially focused organization and through this collaboration we strengthen each other in our social goals. This is why Bo Kalter and her team have been awarded a Social Return certificate for the second year in a row!


We look forward to what else the collaboration with DJI will bring in terms of RPA and in terms of social impact!

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