PLUS receives Social Return certificate from Specialisterren

Since 2022, Specialisterren has had a partnership with PLUS. By purchasing IT services from Specialisterren, PLUS contributes to the creation of IT jobs for people with a form of autism.

Inclusive society

By consciously choosing this partnership as a well-known supermarket, PLUS contributes to an inclusive society where everyone can have a place in the labor market. In addition, this cooperation offers our employees the opportunity to show their qualities within a large organization. This contributes to the positive image around autism.


Wij hebben dan ook met veel plezier een Social Return certificaat aan Senior Specialist ICT Kwaliteitsborging van PLUS, Jeroen Schoffelmeer, overhandigd. Wij zijn dankbaar voor deze impactvolle samenwerking met PLUS! 

v.l.n.r.: Maarten Oderkerk, Jeroen Schoffelmeer, Ben Miltenburg


Specialisterren realizes digital and social transformation. We do this by optimizing IT processes and our way of working with the qualities of people with a form of autism. In this way Specialisterren, together with its customers, contributes to an inclusive society.

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