A successful partnership with Arbo Union

Structural quality control and social partnership

The question

Arbo Unie is a national health and safety service provider in the areas of absenteeism, prevention and examinations. They are present throughout the country with 46 branches. auticon (Specialisterren) has enjoyed working with Arbo Unie since 2020.

Arbo Unie’s IT department builds and manages a large IT landscape. Because it is crucial that this landscape is of high quality, quality control must be performed on every component. From Arbo Unie there was a need to arrange this with an external testing party.

In addition to the need for structural quality control, there was also a need for a social partner that would match Arbo Union’s social objectives.

ClientArbo Unie

The cooperation

To set up the collaboration, a high over estimate was initially made to define all the processes. These processes were divided into large, medium and small. Next, regression test sets of these processes were created. These test sets are now all in use and functional and regression tests are now being set up on other components.

Furthermore, we have built a relationship in which we are constantly exploring how we can strengthen each other in both IT and social impact. For example, Arbo Unie and auticon (Specialisterren) work together intensively to optimize the deployment and supervision of testers. This has led to new joint objectives.

In 2022, Arbo Unie and auticon (Specialisterren) agreed to offer jobs to an average of eight people distant from the labor market per year (2.5 FTEs) during the period 2022 to 2025. For each project or period, auticon (Specialisterren) will provide a report in accordance with the building blocks method that meets the requirements of the jobs agreement. This cooperation is laid down in an ILA (Impact Level Agreement).

The result

In terms of IT, auticon’s (Specialisterren’s) deployment has led directly to a quality and efficiency improvement at Arbo Unie and indirectly to cost reductions. In terms of social impact, this cooperation has so far resulted in the employment of 6 people with a form of autism (2.0 FTE).

The deployment of auticon (Specialisterren) employees contributes to fulfilling the CSR objectives of the Jobs Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Article 8.5: employment participation for people with disabilities/distance to the labor market.

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