One of our launching costumers: De Goudse Verzekeringen

Test automation


We have been working with De Goudse Verzekeringen since 2012! Read here what this collaboration looks like.

Klantde Goudse
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Regression tests

auticon (Specialisterren) has been carrying out regression tests for De Goudse’s online insurance portal since 2012. We test the entire flow of the insurance system, both on the customer side and on the insurer side. We carry out this test on a monthly basis, with a lead time of 100 hours in three days.

Test automation

In 2016, the need arose at De Goudse Verzekeringen to release more frequently. By releasing more frequently, more tests were also needed to keep quality stable and minimise risks. That’s why auticon (Specialisterren) has been developing and maintaining test automation for policy calculations. This method of working enables tests to be carried out quickly, accurately and repeatedly.

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