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auticon was founded in Berlin in 2011 by a father wanting better employment opportunities for his autistic son. Autistic professionals were employed as quality assurance consultants, debugging websites and applications. As Managing Director of a small investment firm, Kurt Schöffer was approached by Ananda Social Venture Fund, who invited him to partner in creating Germany’s first social impact fund. The fund’s first investment was in auticon, where Kurt served as an advisor on the fund’s behalf. For Kurt, this was an opportunity to apply his business acumen to solve the social issue of rising unemployment among autistic adults, who often possess STEM skills applicable to various technology careers. After three months as an advisor, Kurt accepted a role as auticon’s Group CEO, developing its six German office locations and expanding into Paris and London. The company added significant clients such as BMW and Allianz, and new technology consulting services.

In 2016, Sir Richard Branson’s investment brought international attention to the company as it expanded into Italy and Switzerland. In 2018 auticon acquired two North American autism employers: MindSpark in Los Angeles and Meticulon in Calgary, and later added clients such as Salesforce and Deloitte and surpassing 200+ autistic employees globally. In 2019, auticon opened in Australia with one of the island’s largest employers.

In 2023, auticon and Unicus entered an agreement under which the two companies would unite. The historic deal established a global model for an autistic-majority social enterprise and ESG company, addressing the inequalities in employment for neurodivergent adults. The two combined companies became the largest autistic-majority company in the world, with 81% of its 600 employees on the autism spectrum across 15 countries.

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auticon’s Global Impact Reports

2022 Global Impact Report

2021 Global Impact Report (Published 2022)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: Italian,  English, and German)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)

2020 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)

auticon + Deloitte Report, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” 2022

A new Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada report finds employment barriers and a lack of workplace support for Canada’s autistic community and offers strategies to employers to create more inclusive workspaces for neurodiverse workers. The joint report surveyed 454 adults across the country.

2022 auticon + Deloitte Report, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” (English)


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auticon Canada Receives 2023 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award

Auticon Canada has been named a winner in the Specialized Recruitment Agency category in the 2023 Canadian HR Reporter (CHRR) Readers Choice Awards.
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auticon and Unicus logos

auticon And Unicus Join Forces, Advancing ESG Mission of Neurodiversity 

The transaction unites two innovative social enterprises and global players in the IT industry; the deal unifies more than 465 autistic employees to become the largest autistic-majority company in the world.  auticon and Unicus have entered into an agreement under which the two companies will unite. The deal was brokered by Ferd, an Oslo-based family-owned investment company and shareholder in both companies. The historic deal establishes a global model for an autistic-majority social enterprise and ESG company, addressing the inequalities...
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Celebrating Growth and Success in 2022

auticon Canada celebrates growth and success in autism employment in 2022.

2023 to bring the launch of autism employment inclusion advisory service; new local partnerships. auticon Canada, an organization that recruits, trains, and employs autistic Canadians for lifelong careers in technology, is celebrating a number of key successes in 2022, as the organization kicks off 2023 focused on even more growth and expansion in autism employment across Canada.  auticon recognizes that many autistic adults often have higher aptitudes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and the talents for a career...
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Autistic Tech Employer Demonstrates Power of Social Innovation in New Impact Report

auticon today released its annual Impact Report, illustrating how its model of social innovation is changing lives and making organisations neuro-inclusive. As a mission-driven company, auticon works to solve the crisis of unemployment impacting autistic adults and counsels clients on neuro-acceptance. auticon’s autistic team members are employed as IT consultants, numbering 265 globally in 2022, specializing in software development, data sciences, quality assurance, and cyber security. Clients get first-hand experience working with someone on the autistic spectrum and benefit from...
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New report from Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada

According to a recent report by Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada, employers need to do more to understand neurodiversity, reduce barriers to employment for those with autism, and create thoughtful structural supports to foster deeper inclusion among the autistic community. The report, Embracing neurodiversity at work: How Canadians with autism can help employers close the talent gap, also shows that the autistic community in Canada is often underrepresented and underemployed, despite its potential to provide access to new skills and...
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