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A resource for autistic talent

As an autistic-majority company, we’re a resource for talent. We integrate our technology consultants into client organizations, performing as software developers, data analysts, QA engineers, and more. Clients experience our autistic teams first-hand, achieving diversity goals and filling talent gaps with a low-risk and untapped workforce.

The extraordinary talents of our consultants are what makes auticon unique – their cognitive diversity allows them to bring new perspectives to what are often seen to be unsolvable problems. By creating positive work environments and offering highly individualised sustained support to autistic employees, auticon provides its corporate clients with a means to tap into the amazing talents of autistic people while creating long-term careers for its team.

The world’s most innovative companies are seeing the benefits of adding our autistic technology consultants to their teams:

“We are proud to have an alliance relationship with auticon Canada. We have brought a number of highly skilled consultants on board to work on client projects, and always with great success. We look forward to working with this organization for many years to come.”

Peter Graham, Head of Accessibility, Deloitte Canada 


Autistic Talent

Our autistic professionals have extraordinary cognitive abilities which are exceptionally valuable in the tech space. Their logic, speed, precision, sustained concentration, and ability to intuitively spot errors provide a uniquely autistic perspective on your tech projects. 

Targeted Fulfillment

We closely match each consultant to your job requirements, team culture, and the neurodiversity goals of your organization. Our autistic technologists have expertise in high-demand skills such as data engineering and analysis, software development, quality assurance, and more. They integrate into your teams and quickly function as productive team members.

Ensured Success

Our employment coordination team plays a central role in your success, acting as a liaison between you and the auticon Canada consultant, working hand-in-hand to communicate timelines, manage expectations, resolve needs, and ensure the ultimate success of your program.

Our technology services

Data Services

Our high-performance autistic teams help solve data quality and infrastructure issues and support analytics, big data, and data science initiatives with data architecture, engineering and analytics skills.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Our team has unique skills that make us exceptional at quality assurance and testing including the ability to notice patterns, identify anomalies, and maintain quality of work over extended periods.

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Software Development

Our software development resources work in your teams on creation and modification of computer applications or specialized utility programs and mobile apps.

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The auticon advantage

Our autistic team often has extraordinary cognitive abilities, such as logic, pattern recognition, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors. Yet, many find it difficult to secure or maintain long-term employment in their career of choice. While autistic strengths are highly individualized, academic research shows trends include: 

  • Greater analytical and systemizing skills
  • Innovative and creative problem solving
  • Higher standards and productivity
  • Direct and honest communication

Employment Coordinators ensure success

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by employment coordinators who ensure work environments support their full potential. Our employment coordination team promotes inclusion and well-being and is integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments. Most importantly they work with our clients to help them understand autism in the workplace with inclusive strategies and coaching. Employment coordinators work with our client teams to facilitate feedback as well as advocate for our consultants.

Our employment coordinators typically have a background in clinical psychology, performance coaching, managing anxiety disorders, special education, and vocational rehabilitation.

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