Geldmaat receives Specialisterren social return certificate for the third time

For the third time in a row, Geldmaat received the Social Return certificate for its partnership with Specialisterren on Thursday, Feb. 16. Again in 2022, their choice to use Specialisterren as a permanent testing partner has created social impact.

V.l.n.r.: Maarten Oderkerk, Ramona Sandaal en Timothy Smit

‍More structure‍

Test manager Timothy van Geldmaat says of Specialisterren’s testers: ‘The cooperation with Specialisterren’s testers has brought us a lot. They have ensured that there is much more structure in the testing. You notice that they are really good at documenting.’


‍The cooperation with Specialisterren’s testers has also brought Timothy something on a personal level: ‘I have become more patient, explain things better. As an expert, you assume that the other person will understand you. Of course, that’s not always the case. The contact with the testers forced me to think about my style of communication: am I clear, am I expressing myself well? This affects all my conversations.’

The social face

‍Account manager of Specialisterren Ben Miltenburg calls the presentation of the certificate a nice moment. Ben: ‘It is a good moment to reflect on our cooperation. That it is more than just a business agreement. Together we ensure that our colleagues -the testers- can work in a good way. Of course, we are an IT company and it is important that we deliver a quality service, but in addition, we are a Social Enterprise because we do this with colleagues with a form of autism. We think it’s important to show those two faces. In work, the focus is on our IT expertise, but at the award ceremony, the social face comes out. We are grateful and happy that we can do something like this together because thanks to our customers we can employ our colleagues.’

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