Sir Richard Branson meets Autistic Porsche Sprint Challenge driver Ben Taylor to wish him luck for the season

auticon Team race car driver Ben Taylor met with entrepreneur and auticon investor Sir Richard Branson. The pair had the opportunity to talk about the season ahead and how the team plans to use neurodiverse strengths to create a difference on the track. 

Melbourne, Australia — At the headquarters of high-performance motorsport Porsche Centre Melbourne Motorsport, autistic driver Ben Taylor caught up with Sir Richard Branson. The session was not only an opportunity for the young driver to ask Sir Richard about his experience supporting F1 and other motorsport teams but also to talk about some of the innovations planned with the auticon group and the strategy for the season. 

At the recent car reveal, auticon announced that they would be providing analytics support specifically looking at Ben’s on track data and that the company would deploy its autistic data analysts and software engineers to build insights that will take Ben’s driving to the next level. 

This strategy will bring a new way of thinking to motorsport. It will see autistic IT professionals using their strengths in coding and analysis supporting a highly focused and skilled autistic driver making the auticon car and Ben Taylor Racing, a team with a difference. 

Sir Richard was suitably impressed by Ben, the car and the team, “It was really great to meet Ben and the auticon Racing Team. It’s truly inspiring to see a young driver like Ben using his platform to encourage people from all backgrounds to believe that they can achieve their dreams whatever they may be.”

“This team brings a collection of minds together that are different to anyone one on the track. I hope this approach to innovation will make a real impact on racing,” said Sir Richard. 

“I wish Ben and the entire team all the best of luck for the season ahead.”

The opportunity to meet Sir Richard was a real thrill for Ben Taylor, when asked about the experience he said, “I’ve been with auticon for only a few months now and when I heard that I might have the opportunity to meet with Sir Richard I was so excited.”

“He’s someone I’ve always looked up to, just knowing that he is neurodiverse and understanding the success that he’s had throughout his life is really encouraging. I was also thrilled to be able to talk to him about his experiences in motorsport. He had some fantastic insights, and it was a real privilege to be able to get firsthand account from someone of his calibre.”

auticon Australia & New Zealand Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Mr Bodo Mann had the opportunity to brief Sir Richard on the performance of the local business. 

“It was great to be able to talk with one of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs about our business and the performance of his investment here in Australia.”

“Sir Richard has always been such a strong supporter of business for good and really understands clearly the opportunities for us. It was great to get his advice and with Ben and the car on site, it offered the chance to talk about investing in motorsport and the strengths this offers to building a brand like auticon.”

“It was great to have him wish the team luck for the season, and I thank Sir Richard and his team for taking time out from his busy tour in Australia to pay us a visit.” 

About Porsche Centre Melbourne Motorsport
Porsche Centre Melbourne Motorsport (PCMM) was established in 2000 and has always been an extension of the retail operation of Porsche Centre Melbourne. Having a motorsport team as part of the dealership has allowed PCM to celebrate much success and establish great relationships with many customers and partners.

The PCMM team is one of the most successful in Carrera Cup Australia history with previous champions, Craig Baird and Jim Richards. V8 Supercars champion Fabian Coulthard joined female racer Courtney Prince in a revamped two-car Porsche Centre Melbourne squad for the final seven rounds of the championship this year, with options to continue into the 2024 championship. This year saw the team move operations into a stand-alone facility in Collingwood, Melbourne, as well as sign a multi-year partnership with global giant, BWT.

Ben Taylor – auticon racing driver, 2024 Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge
Ben Taylor is a 19-year-old racing driver who will be competing in the 2024 Australian Michelin Porsche Sprint Cup Challenge with the Porsche Centre Melbourne Motorsport Team. He was clinically diagnosed as autistic at the age of 17 years old and is a loud and proud autistic athlete who wishes to become a professional racing driver and ambassador for the autistic community.

One of Ben’s goals is to highlight the immense talent and abilities of autistic people and what they can achieve in life, business and in sports.

Ben’s motorsport career started in 2017 in karting, competing in the Australian Karting Championship then moving into the Australian Formula 3 Championship in 2021 where he won on debut. This coming season he will be racing a 2018-spec 991.2 Porsche Cup Car in all 6 rounds of the 2024 Australian Michelin Sprint Challenge.

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