Passionate about the value of neurodiversity

Project Detail

CoverMyMeds, part of McKesson Corporation, is a medication access company committed to helping people get the medicine they need to live healthier lives. Remarkable people of all backgrounds come to CoverMyMeds to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients. This organization embraces inclusivity and diversity and encourages innovative ideas to come from anyone in the company.

SkillsAzure, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python, SQL
ManagerJennifer Zedeker, Director, Data Product Management
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Working Plan

CoverMyMeds is passionate about the value of neurodiversity and wanted to collaborate with auticon to further explore how team members on the autism spectrum could thrive at the company while being their authentic selves. They were also mindful that existing employees who are autistic might wish to disclose their autism and receive needed support—and auticon could be a catalyst for that change.


auticon’s challenge was to help CoverMyMeds find the right neurodivergent talent to match various career opportunities on their technology team. They quickly adapted to our unique approach to recruitment and interviewing candidates, which is less formal and anxiety-inducing than a typical job interview. CoverMyMeds embracing neurodiversity created more significant opportunities for us to work together.

Client’s Feedback

“At CoverMyMeds, we’ve always prioritized cultivating a diverse culture by empowering each employee to be their authentic selves. Since working with auticon, we’ve not only been able to build a workplace that is neurodiverse, but we’ve also been able to grow as a company. We’ve witnessed increased awareness of and support for those on the autism spectrum. As a result, we’ve been able to better manage our teams, which may include employees who are autistic.”

– Jennifer Zedeker, Director, Data Product Management at CoverMyMeds

“One thing that’s unique about our relationship with auticon is that we work to immerse their consultants into our culture. From the day they start, we view these individuals as crucial members of our team. It’s important to us that all of our employees, including those coming from auticon, are happy and fulfilled beyond the technical responsibilities of their roles. It’s been wonderful to see the consultants from auticon feel excited to grow with us.”

– Brian Haas, Principal Data Architect at CoverMyMeds


Since our relationship began, CoverMyMeds has added several of auticon’s autistic consultants to its technology team, each working as a software developer specializing in various skills, such as Microsoft Azure, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. CoverMyMeds embraces the full potential of our autistic consultants beyond simply fulfilling their job responsibilities. auticon’s consultants have been offered the opportunity to grow into full-time CoverMyMeds employees while still receiving the job coaching support that auticon provides. Additionally, auticon provides neurodiversity training and job coaching in a consultative fashion to the entire company, creating more opportunities for neurodivergent employees to get the support they need.

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