Neuroinclusion Services

Be a champion for neurodiversity within your organization

Supporting the needs of client champions

Our clients want more than just a technology staffing solution. They want to be a champion for neurodiversity within their organization. We have heard from many who have experienced autism or other neurodivergent conditions, perhaps through a child, spouse, or close friend. Some are Diversity and Inclusion leaders who value building teams with unique qualities. Others may have read about the cognitive benefits of autistic adults as a competitive advantage.

By partnering with auticon, clients receive access to a complete suite of neuroinclusion services designed to raise the standards for inclusion, provide the needed support, and create a place where neurodivergent employees feel they belong.


Want to make a radical change in your company?

Our Neuroinclusion Services have grown from our unique expertise and extensive experience with hundreds of neurodivergent individuals working among private and public employers.

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Is partnering with auticon right for your company?

  • A majority autistic company - autism is in our DNA
  • More than 10 years as a market leader
  • Modern, inclusive approach to recruiting and interviewing
  • Experts in autism-friendly office design
  • Global and remote teams can service clients anywhere
  • Award-winning social enterprise

Advisory Services

auticon is the first service provider that any business turns to for advice on how to create, develop and improve their teams and processes into being neurodiverse. We help clients transform HR practices, managers become neuro-confident, raise business-wide understanding and, most importantly, transform careers and provide thriving opportunities to neurodiverse talent globally.

Job Coaching

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by our job coaches who ensure that the consultants’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our talented job coaches promote inclusion and well-being and are integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments. Most importantly, they provide clients with support and information regarding autism in the workplace and can convey feedback between the client and the consultant.

Neurodiversity Training

We understand that companies may wish to support their own neurodivergent talent but are unsure on how to approach this. Our teaching professionals carry out our training with decades of clinical and applied experience in autism and neurodivergent conditions.

Inclusion is at the heart of what we do. Our neurodiversity training programs are developed in collaboration with our neurodivergent colleagues, contributing as subject-matter experts and trainers. 

Our clients experience change

Our clients experience our autistic teams first-hand, achieving diversity goals and breaking down stereotypes. As a result, auticon builds awareness around neurodiversity, improves internal practices, and contributes to our clients’ success through the work of our highly skilled consultants. “I now have a much thorough understanding of the positive workplace contribution that someone with autism can make,” responded one client in our recent Impact Report survey, “and what autism actually is.” 

Say perception of autism has changed68%
Say they feel more confident working with autistic85%
Have greater understanding of neurodiversity85%
Say auticon made a positive impact on their culture86%

Autism is not a processing error,
it's a different operating system.

Want to know how we can transform your business through neurodiversity?
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