auticon US Named a 2023 Leading Disability Employer

auticon US Recognized by the National Organization on Disability for Commitment to Building an Inclusive Workforce

NEW YORK, NY (October 2, 2023) – In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the National Organization on Disability (NOD) is proud to announce and recognize the sixty-five 2023 Leading Disability Employers including auticon US. In its ninth year, the NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal spotlights the transformative contributions made by business leaders in promoting employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It also honors those organizations that prioritize diversity, equity and importantly, accessibility—setting a high standard for others to follow.

“Organizations like auticon US understand that by harnessing the talents of people with disabilities, they reap the benefits of a more innovative, diverse and dedicated workforce,” said NOD President Carol Glazer. “The Leading Disability Employer Seal honors organizations who have not only embraced inclusivity, but have taken concrete steps to break down barriers for individuals with disabilities and create an environment for all to thrive.” 

Leading Disability Employer Seal recipients are determined based on data provided by companies on the NOD Employment Tracker™. The Tracker is the only free assessment tool that helps companies understand which employment practices correlate to improved talent outcomes related to hiring, retention and advancement of people with disabilities. 

“At auticon, our entire purpose is to build long-term careers for autistic adults in technology and to create a more neuroinclusive workforce,” said David Aspinall, CEO of auticon US. “Everything we do supports this purpose, from our autism-friendly recruitment process to our in-house job coaching and our unique company culture. We are honored to be recognized by the NOD as a Leading Disability Employer.”

Data from auticon’s 2022 Global Impact Report, released in 2023, demonstrates how supportive, inclusive employment is life-changing for its autistic employees:

  • 76% of auticon consultants had been unemployed or under-employed at the time of applying to auticon.
  • 92% feel supported at work.
  • 87% have experienced an improved quality of life since joining auticon.

Additionally, client survey data from the report demonstrates how working with autistic technology professionals and learning how to create neuroinclusive workplaces is transformative for auticon’s clients: 

  • 85% of clients say their teams feel more confident working with autistic people.
  • 85% have a greater understanding of neurodiversity as a result of working with auticon.
  • 86% believe that working with auticon consultants positively impacted the culture of their team—including through clearer communication, better teamwork, increased empathy, and greater sense of purpose.
  • 93% said that auticon consultants made valuable professional contributions to their projects—including through greater accuracy, alternative perspectives/ideas, innovative approach, and increased efficiency.

auticon also offers its clients a full suite of Neuroinclusion Services designed to raise the standards for inclusion, provide the needed support, and create a place where neurodivergent employees feel they belong. These include neuroinclusion maturity assessments, advisory services, foundational to advanced training, and job coaching. 

About The NOD Employment Tracker™

The NOD Employment Tracker benchmarks organizations of any size in six disability and veterans’ inclusion focus areas, including strategy, talent outcome metrics, climate and culture, talent sourcing, people practices and workplace tools and accessibility. All participating companies receive a Tracker Scorecard to develop plans and priorities for improving employment practices and policies. The 2024 Employment Tracker will open this fall; completion of the Tracker is required to qualify for the NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal Award. To learn more, visit  

About National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) 

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is an annual observance held in the United States each October. This month-long campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of creating inclusive workplaces that value the skills and talents of individuals with disabilities. NDEAM also highlights the contributions of workers with disabilities and encourages employers to consider the diverse abilities and perspectives that they bring to the workforce. 

About auticon

auticon is an award-winning social innovation company. As an autistic-majority company, we’re a resource for talent. We integrate our technology consultants into client organizations, performing as software developers, data analysts, QA engineers, and more. Clients experience our outstanding autistic professionals first-hand, opening minds and achieving diversity goals.

Our model improves the economic and social conditions of the autistic community with quality careers, unlocking opportunity, and empowering client organizations through actionable neurodiversity training and advisory services. Here, our employees build lifelong careers in technology, discovering personal autonomy and improved self-esteem.

About National Organization on Disability (NOD)

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to increase employment opportunities for the 60-percent of working age Americans with disabilities who are not employed. To achieve this goal, NOD offers a suite of employment solutions, tailored to anticipate, and meet leading companies’ workforce needs. NOD has helped some of the world’s most recognized brands be more competitive in today’s global economy by building or enriching their disability inclusion programs. For more information about NOD and how its portfolio of professional services, Leadership Council and Employment Tracker™ can help your business, visit

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