Data & Analytics Specialist

About auticon:

auticon is a social enterprise and a global IT services business operating in 15 countries.

Our mission is to reduce the unemployment rate amongst autistic adults and to bring neurodiversity into businesses, by placing the candidates into meaningful IT projects/roles on a contractual basis.

Job Description:

Are you someone who thrives in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment? We’re seeking a Data & Analytics Specialist who not only possesses an agile mindset but also demonstrates a passion for extracting meaningful insights from data. If you have a knack for analyzing various sources of information, breaking down complex data into understandable patterns, and effectively communicating your findings to drive informed decisions, we want to hear from you.

Key Role Attributes:

Agile Mindset: We value individuals who embrace change and approach challenges with flexibility to achieve exceptional results. You’ll be part of a team that collaborates, learns, and adapts together.

Analytical Excellence: As a Data & Analytics Specialist, you’ll dive into numerical and verbal data to uncover hidden relationships and patterns. Your ability to dissect information, ask probing questions, and make rational judgments will be pivotal in delivering actionable insights.

Compelling Storytelling: Your communication skills will be a cornerstone in this role. You’ll be the bridge between raw data and impactful decisions. Crafting narratives that resonate with stakeholders and enhance the organization’s data literacy will be a core aspect of your responsibilities.

In this role, you’ll champion the creation of an enterprise-wide self-serve visual hub of business performance, ensuring that insights are readily accessible to decision-makers. You’ll delve deep into data analysis, uncovering valuable insights that contribute to the organization’s growth. Managing ad-hoc requests will also be part of your day-to-day, playing a vital role in fostering confident and data-driven decision-making among stakeholders.


Data Commonality: Collaborate in establishing consistent and unified methods for working with data across the organization. Your expertise will contribute to creating a cohesive framework that enhances data usage and understanding throughout the company.

• Alignment and agreement of data definitions, calculations, metrics, and interpretations.

• Build, manage and maintain visual dashboards representing key metrics across the customer lifecycle and/or the organisational value chain.

• Socialise and refine ongoing based on stakeholder use and feedback. Undertaking Deep-Dive Analysis Working in conjunction with the actuarial and finance teams, implement a variety of data analysis techniques to answer key business challenges.

• Assessing the business challenge framed up as questions and assessing the available data sources.

• Interpreting and presenting findings in a visual format.

• Explaining simply to key stakeholders to assist with business action. Ad-hoc requests Managing and delivering to ad-hoc requests.

• Capturing clear briefs from stakeholders, set within the context of ‘why’ and ‘how it will be used’. • Delivering meaningful output, aligned to requirements, be it a data extract, a new business report, or existing report.

• Clearly communicating findings to stakeholders in a timely fashion.

• Updating ad-hoc request log for traceability of work, and for future reference. Taking Business Action and Measurement of Success Assisting the data and analytics community and cross-functional teams to implement action stemming from analytics work, measuring success, and feeding the learnings back through the data and analytics spectrum.

• Measuring action undertaken, be it internal continuous improvement, or external customer initiatives.

• Proactively feed findings back to relevant teams and socialise across the organisation. Teamwork Assist and support other team members and other cross functional teams with the view to sharing expertise, growing the business.

• Always encourage a high performance above the line culture within the team.

• Build strong working relationships across the business and teams to ensure a shared approach to operational excellence.

Job requirements Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Science/Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Business, or equivalent
  • ExperienceAt least 5-years of industry experience
  • Data extraction and manipulation
  • Report writing, data visualisation, and storytelling
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and communication
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI (or similar), Excel
  • Synapse or Snowflake
  • (Desirable) R, Python
  • based in Auckland
  • neurodivergent, ideally with a diagnosis

Do you have a diagnosis of autism, ADHD or any other neurodivergent condition? Then please apply with cover letter:

To apply for this job email your details to

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