Quality Assurance and Testing

Experienced consultants in functional, performance, usability and security testing of your software applications
- all on the autism spectrum and ready to work on your next project.
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Quality assurance testing and test case automation

auticon consultants have unique skills that make them exceptional testers – with the ability to notice patterns, identify anomalies, and focus over extended periods with little mental fatigue: Rather than looking for errors, auticon consultants intuitively see errors. Bugs don’t stand a chance when auticon consultants apply their unique visual and analytical abilities.

We provide implementation of best practices, tool selection, and strategic guidance around automation and performance testing.

Manual QA testing

Our team reviews requirements and develops both test plans and test cases using industry standard techniques and conventions. Additionally, we provide functional, periodic regression, bug hunts, localization, web accessibility, API, and data validation of systems to ensure product works as designed to deliver positive user experience.

Regression Testing

We record automated or manual scripts and run them on previously tested software after each release, or alongside additional performance, load and stress testing.

Test Case Automation

We provide gap analysis of existing test suite, creation, and maintenance of customized test scripts for test acceleration. This includes subject matter expertise with deep industry experience in front-end UI and back-end API automation experience in a quality assurance environment using multiple devices and medians with CI/CD integration.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Survive a natural disaster or cyberattack by ensuring your Disaster Recovery plan will recover valuable IT systems. Our team will test core functionality of critical applications in DR environments.

Defect Management

Logging, tracking, and verifying the resolution of all defects found during test case execution.

Accessibility Testing

Our team tests against accessibility standards, including WCAG and ADA Section 508 to ensure websites and mobile applications are accessible to all including those with disabilities.

The world’s most innovative companies are seeing the benefits of adding our autistic technology consultants to their teams:

“At NatWest Group, we encourage everyone to be themselves as we believe that will allow us to thrive. Supporting the work of auticon is an important part of this. Diversity is simply good for a team. Being able to welcome a neurodiverse colleague provided a different perspective, increased our capability and allowed us to learn from each other.”

– Jonah Hill, Team Manager, Unsecured Modelling | Credit Insight & Analytics | DoR RB, NatWest

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We cover all phases of the software testing life cycle.

Requirement Analysis

Acquisition of domain knowledge and identification of testable requirements through collaboration with respective stakeholders. Creation of test-traceability matrix for determining sufficient test coverage and suitable methodology such as functional or non-functional as well as determining feasibility of test automation.

Test Planning

Deciding on the test strategy for various types of testing and most efficient testing methodologies, including defect management, configuration management, risk management etc. in close collaboration with product owners and business analysts. Estimating the required test effort, determining roles and responsibilities and planning the use of resources. Evaluation and identification of appropriate testing and defect tracking tools, including planning of potential training in these tools.

Test Development and Test Environment Setup

Development of test suites with specific test cases and their respective test scripts based on identified test scenarios/user stories, in accordance with the created test plan. Setup of test environment/configuration management, including preparation and creation of test data and manual/automation test scripts. Creation, verification, adaption and approval of test cases.

Test Execution

Execution of test cases and test scripts according to test plan. Capture, review and analyse the test results. Logging, tracking, retesting and closure of defects as these are addressed by the development team.

Test Management and Requirements Analysis

  • Testing Consulting Strategy
    Software testing consulting services in the areas of test strategy, methodology, and process assessment across the testing life cycle. Our aim is to support the needs of the business with focus on IT alignment.
  • Test Management
    Testing management for the project including test suite audit, creation, and updates, defect lifecycle management, Agile/SCRUM management, and UAT best practices.


Autistic Talent

Our autistic professionals have extraordinary cognitive abilities that provide exceptional value in the tech space. Logic, speed, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors provide a uniquely autistic perspective on your tech projects.

Targeted Fulfillment

We closely match each consultant to your job requirements, office culture, and the neurodiversity goals of your organization. Our autistic consultants arrive at work at your local office, providing expertise in high-demand skills such as business analytics, Salesforce Administration, software development, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and more. Like any team member, they become integrated into your teams and function as employees.

Ensured Success

Our job coaches play a central role in your success, acting as a liaison between you and the autistic consultant, working hand-in-hand to communicate timelines, manage expectations, resolve needs, and ensure the ultimate success of your program.

The auticon advantage

Autistic adults often have extraordinary cognitive abilities, such as logic, pattern recognition, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors, yet many find it difficult to secure or maintain mainstream employment. While autistic strengths are highly individualized, academic research shows advantages emerge:

  • Autistic employees show greater analytical & systemizing skills
  • Innovative & creative intelligence
  • Higher standards & productivity
  • Honesty
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Job coaches ensure success

auticon’s consultants and clients are supported by our job coaches who ensure that the consultants’ work environments enable them to deliver to their full professional potential. Our  job coaches promote inclusion and wellbeing and are integral to making sure our consultants feel supported in their assignments. Most importantly they provide clients with support and information regarding autism in the workplace and can convey feedback between the client and the consultant.

Our Job Coaches typically have a background in clinical psychology, performance coaching, managing anxiety disorders, special education, and vocational rehabilitation.

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