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auticon was founded in Berlin in 2011 by a father wanting better employment opportunities for his autistic son. Autistic professionals were employed as quality assurance consultants, debugging Websites and applications. As Managing Director of a small investment firm, Kurt Schöffer was approached by Ananda Social Venture Fund, who invited him to partner in creating Germany’s first social impact fund. The fund’s first investment was in auticon, where Kurt served as an advisor on the fund’s behalf. For Kurt, this was an opportunity to apply his business acumen to solve the social issue of rising unemployment among autistic adults, who often possess STEM skills applicable in a range of technology careers. After three months as an advisor, Kurt accepted a role as auticon’s Group CEO, later developing its 6 German office locations and expanding into Paris and London. The company added major clients such as BMW and Allianz, and new technology consulting services.

In 2016, Sir Richard Branson’s investment brought international attention to the company as it expanded into Italy and Switzerland. In 2018 auticon acquired two North American autism employers: MindSpark in Los Angeles and Meticulon in Calgary, later adding clients such as Salesforce and Deloitte and surpassing 200+ autistic employees globally. In 2019, auticon opened in Australia with one of the island’s largest employers.

In 2023, auticon and Unicus entered an agreement under which the two companies would unite. The historic deal established a global model for an autistic-majority social enterprise and ESG company, addressing the inequalities in employment for neurodivergent adults. The two combined companies became the largest autistic-majority company in the world, with 81% of its 600 employees on the autism spectrum across 15 countries.

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auticon’s Global Impact Reports

2023 Global Impact Report

2022 Global Impact Report

2021 Global Impact Report (Published 2022)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: Italian,  English, and German)

2021 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)

2020 Global Impact Report (Languages: French, English, German)

auticon + Deloitte Report, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” 2022

A new report by Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada finds employment barriers, lack of workplace support for Canada’s autistic community. The joint report surveyed 454 adults across the country.

2022 auticon + Deloitte Report, “Embracing Neurodiversity at Work” (English)

LinkedIn 'Supporting Diversity at Work' article

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auticon named UK social enterprise of the year

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auticon is #9


Neurodiversity can empower the workplace

Financial Times

auticon launches Autism Advisory Service

FinTech Scotland

This group helps high-functioning autistic individuals get tech jobs


Dyslexic, dyspraxic - why neurodiversity is good for business

The Sunday Times


An introduction to the world of IT Consulting

In this blog post Sharon Cant, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at auticon UK, shares an introduction to the world of IT Consulting, and then highlights what makes auticon a bit different, and so special! Please note that some processes and terminology will relate to auticon UK specifically as each auticon location operates slightly different to align with their local market.  How does IT consulting work? If you’re unfamiliar with the world of IT consulting, it can be hard to grasp how...
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2 Unicus employees sit side-by-side working together. The nearest has short blonde hair and wears a black t-shirt and the far colleague has mid-length auburn hair and a white top

What’s so special about the coaching auticon provides for our autistic consultants?

At auticon, each of our autistic IT and data consultants have the ongoing support of a coach throughout their employment with us. Many of our consultants say that having the support of their coach is something they most value about working at auticon. But what is coaching and what makes it special?  What coaching involves This is hard to pin down as it varies depending on what each individual will find helpful. Coaches spend time getting to know consultants and...
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Report highlights autistic-majority employer’s success in creating a neurodiverse work culture and its effort to drive global social change

In recognizing April as Autism Acceptance Month, auticon and Unicus today published their 2023 Impact Report, Scaling our Impact . The report details the combined company’s success in becoming the world’s largest autistic-majority employer, a leading source for autistic technology talent and neuroinclusion services, and one of the largest social enterprises in the world.
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Pictured at the launch of its Neuroinclusion Strategy in Baggot Plaza Dublin: Back row L-R – Neale Richmond, TD Minister for Employment Affairs, Stefanie Preissner, Bank of Ireland Group CEO Myles O'Grady and Chief People Officer, Matt Elliott Front row – Kurt Schöffer (auticon), Bank of Ireland colleague Aoife Ogden, Adam Harris (AsIAm), Kirsty Cook (auticon)

auticon launches in Ireland

auticon, the world’s largest autistic majority company and the leading social enterprise championing neurodiversity, is proud to announce that it is launching in Ireland, with its first office in the country based in Dublin – marking auticon’s 15th global location.  
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Podcast host Carrie Grant

Carrie Grant MBE reveals autism diagnosis to auticon

In the latest episode of our podcast series “AUTISM: IN CONVERSATION WITH AUTICON” Carrie Grant reveals she was diagnosed as autistic earlier this year …
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A Beacon of Progress

Dr. Catriona Stewart OBE writes of her personal experience in the field of researching autism and the discovery that she was autistic herself and how the news of auticon and Unicus joining together is a “beacon of progress” in terms of visibility for autistic people in the workplace. While training for my doctorate, after an MSc looking at controversies around diagnosis and theories of aetiology of autism, I was taking a course run by my university and the National Autistic...
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