World Autism Awareness Week

We think that raising autism awareness in the workplace starts by listening to those on the spectrum and those embedded within their teams. As part of World Autism Awareness Week the auticon team has collated some of their views and experiences.

“At auticon, support from Project Managers and Job Coaches takes some of the pressure if a difficult situation arises. They assist with prioritising tasks and ensure the workplace environment is comfortable.”

James Neely, auticon Consultant

“To get the best from talented people, we need to stop focusing on what people aren’t good at.”

Ray Coyle, auticon CEO

“Ongoing camouflaging can be exhausting for autistic people in the workplace. My personal ambition is to raise the profile of autistic women in work. If you identify as female, autistic and are into tech – please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.”

Viola Sommer, auticon COO

“It’s really nice to have someone to talk to sometimes.”

Ralph Sleigh, auticon Consultant.

At auticon, Consultants and Job Coaches meet on a regular basis to catch up and share wellbeing strategies.

“So many different clients say that working with autistic people brings diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which has such a positive impact.”

Richmal Maybank, auticon Lead Job Coach

“We are very proud and enthusiastic to champion Neurodiversity – helping our Consultants to thrive and other employers to understand the value they are missing out on without autistic colleagues.”

Kirsty Wilson, auticon Job Coach

„A forgotten group of potential employees represents approximately 700,000 people in the UK. At auticon, I’m lucky enough to work with part of this talent pool that share the same interest in IT as me. It’s important to me that we promote the inclusion of autistic people in the workplace.“

Paul Dickey-Collas, auticon Project Manager

“It’s time to ditch stereotypical thinking and realise that an inclusive and diverse workplace is beneficial to everyone involved. I’m hoping for more people to understand that being part of a neurodiverse team is an enriching experience.”

Franziska Zeidler, auticon Office Manager

“I am really touched. So many doors are shut for autistic people that when someone goes that extra mile, it brings back hope.”

auticon Skills Assessment participant.

Our view is that recruitment processes should focus on people’s skills, rather than CVs or one’s ability to sell themselves in an interview.

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