Solving riddles on World Autism Day

Riddle: Who can travel around the world while staying in a corner? A postage stamp, of course.

This was one of many riddles the team at auticon US attempted to solve one fun afternoon in April, while celebrating World Autism Awareness Month. In addition to a special visit by the local Mayor and a reporter from the Culver City News, our team was invited to flex their cognitive muscles by playing an exciting new game called, “CityHUNT.” This app-based game allows small groups to take team building to the next level.

You might wonder, can a team that is nearly exclusively on the autism spectrum work in a social environment on a team building game? Absolutely! And, could they crack the code of this intense and interactive trivia-based scavenger hunt to unlock the treasure box? Yes, they can!

The game required the use of a smartphone with the CityHunt app installed, activated by a specific code which loaded our game. It consisted of fast-paced solving of cryptic ridles and tasks, which included using the phone’s camera to record team members acting out scenes from their favorite movie. One task required a photo of bad grammar in use, another asked for a photo of a team member doing something good for the earth. More adventurous tasks included arm wrestling competitions, superhero trivia, and a re-creation of the infamous “Grey Poupon” television ad from the 1980s.

Our friends at CityHUNT designed the game as a gift to auticon to celebrate World Autism Awareness Month.

This furious scavenger hunt went on for 60 minutes before one victorious team claimed the title of CityHunt Champion and opened their treasure chest, filled with prizes.

So what did we learn here? As our Global CEO Kurt Schöffer likes to say, “Neurodiverse teams are superior to homogenous teams” in that our differences in perspective allow us to come together as a stronger team unit. The game exemplified the spirit of fun, problem-solving, communication skills, and out-of-the-box thinking that makes us great at our jobs.

For more information about how you can schedule a CityHUNT game for your company, visit them at

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