Training as Tableau Associate Consultants

Project Detail

Tableau, acquired by Salesforce, is a visual analytics platform that transforms how companies use data to solve problems and empower both people and organizations to make the most of their data. More than one million active, diverse, engaged members inspire and support one another through community forums, 500+ worldwide user groups, and unique events like the annual Tableau Conference.

SkillsTableau Data analysis, SQL, Data Visualization, Requirements gathering
Executive SponsorEric Berridge, Executive Vice President, Salesforce Professional Services
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Working Plan

Through an exciting new partnership with Salesforce, a cohort of auticon consultants—all on the autism spectrum—were trained as Tableau Associate Consultants, becoming certified for a career in data visualization. Upon completing the training, Salesforce enabled the cohort to shadow Tableau Consulting teams in a unique opportunity for first-hand experience.


When auticon and Salesforce first looked at the possibilities of this partnership, both sides wanted a challenge that would meet Tableau’s demand for talent and address the high-performance strengths of autistic people. To achieve this goal, auticon was challenged to provide training support to ensure that autistic technologists could effectively navigate the training curriculum.

Client’s Feedback

“The Salesforce partnership with auticon is already yielding tremendous results within our own Business Technology organization. The Salesforce teams are experiencing neurodiversity in the workplace and the performance advantage of embracing this important element of DEI. Our Tableau training program with Professional Services will further our shared goal of addressing under-employment in the autistic community and, at the same time, help meet clients’ needs.”

Eric Berridge, Executive Vice President, Salesforce Professional Services


auticon is now an official Salesforce Professional Services Partner and Trailhead Academy ATP: Authorized Training Provider.

A cohort of auticon’s consultants was chosen to complete the Tableau training and certification program, with supplemental support from auticon’s internal training manager. The training emphasized the hard and soft skills required on the job, including role-playing. The auticon team has completed certifications and is shadowing Tableau experts in the field, earning real-world experience in being a Tableau Consultant.


The Neurodiverse Professional Services Partnership between auticon and Salesforce was recognized as the DEI Initiative of the Year at the Women in IT Summit & Awards. The founder of this initiative, Julie Hansen, Global Executive Advisor at Salesforce, also received the Salesforce Trailblazer award for innovative thinking, solving problems, building community, and paying it forward.

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