auticon Releases New Guide to Neurodiversity in the Workplace

auticon, one of the world’s leading employers of autistic adults in technology, has released a free guide for employers on neurodiversity in the workplace. The guide, “Neuroinclusion in the Workplace: A 360° Approach,” includes the business case for neurodiversity at work, the qualities of internal champions for neuroinclusion, and how to get leadership buy-in. It also takes readers through the steps to building a truly neuroinclusive company culture where neurodivergent employees—and all employees—can thrive and grow.

Drawing on auticon’s more than a decade of global  experience hiring and supporting autistic professionals at client companies, this innovative guide takes a step beyond diversity by aiming for true inclusion of neurodivergent employees. The guide defines neuroinclusion as “the practice of creating an environment where neurodivergent people feel accepted, respected, supported, and valued.”

The exclusive content featured in the guide includes:

  • Why starting a neurodiversity hiring program isn’t the first step to building a neuroinclusive company culture (and what is).
  • How to talk about about neurodiversity (with a helpful glossary).
  • Having confident conversations with neurodivergent colleagues.
  • Creating spaces for psychological safety.
  • Engaging neuroinclusion training and advisory services.
  • Incorporating inclusive policies and practices throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment through retention.

The release of the guide coincides with the expansion of auticon’s global Neuroinclusion Services, which include comprehensive advising, training, and job coaching. By partnering with auticon, clients receive access to a complete suite of neuroinclusion services designed to raise the standards for inclusion, provide the needed support, and create a place where neurodivergent employees feel they belong.

auticon’s guide to neuroinclusion is a must-read for senior leaders in human resources and diversity & inclusion, as well as any professional who wants to be a champion for neurodiversity at their company.

Download the neuroinclusion guide here.

About auticon
auticon is an award-winning social innovation company. As an autistic-majority company, we’re a resource for talent. We integrate our technology consultants into client organizations, performing as software developers, data analysts, QA engineers, and more. Clients experience our outstanding autistic professionals first-hand, opening minds and achieving diversity goals.

Our model improves the economic and social conditions of the autistic community with quality careers, unlocking opportunity, and empowering client organisations through actionable neurodiversity training and advisory services. Here, our employees build lifelong careers in technology, discovering personal autonomy and improved self-esteem.

auticon has international offices in Germany, the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the United Kingdom. Investors include Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group Ltd., Felix and Susanne Porsche, Ananda Impact Ventures, Ferd AS, and Ferst Capital Partners.

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