Transformation & Migration

Transformation and migration procedures are based on the management of highly complex amounts of data.

No matter how extensive the data, auticon consultants retain a competent overview at all times. They recognise patterns in code, offer a differentiated point of view (bottom up vs. top down), come up with innovative solutions to ‘unsolvable’ problems and are experts in various programming languages – a winning combination for your IT needs.

We offer:

The more complex an IT transformation is, the greater the need for accurately defined individual building blocks. auticon consultants are experts in precision – they recognise patterns effortlessly, never lose sight of the essential issues in analysis and optimisation processes, and do not rest until problems have been resolved.

Analysis and optimisation of applications in JAVA, C#, C, C++, PHP, Perl or earlier languages such as Cobol and Assembler

Analysis and optimisation of databases in Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL, Informix, HP SQL & MySQL and many more

Project-based vulnerability analysis

Development and implementation of algorithms

App and software development

System replacement is the crucial step in any transformation. auticon consultants prepare this transition perfectly, combining pattern recognition with genuine problem solving skills.

Evaluation of IT architecture and data models

System analysis, transformation and migration

Analysis, optimisation and documentation of source code

Specification and modelling of workflows

auticon consultants have an unrivalled awareness for the accuracy, plausibility and consistency of data. Their genuine systemising abilities efficiently enhance our client’s migration projects.

Validation of correctness and completeness of data

Unbiased end-to-end data validation: Source to target-system

Checking procedures for efficiency

Checking for consistency/cross-checking