Security & Deep Web Analysis

Data today must be confidential, yet readily available – IT security targets this fundamental conflict of objectives.

In addition to a pronounced proclivity towards logical thinking, auticon consultants are remarkably drawn towards rules and regulations, making them unparalleled experts in this highly sensitive business segment.

What we offer:

Rules and regulations need clear and straightforward definitions so that adherence can be ensured and misuse prevented. This is where auticon consultants come in, with a pronounced passion for order and integrity.

Identification of code abnormalities based on predefined rules

Manual and automated code assessments

Scanning systems and websites for vulnerabilities in terms of errors or manipulation

Are there any gaps in the system? Where does the security concept fall short? auticon consultants have an unusually comprehensive talent for assessing IT security procedures and rendering these bulletproof.

Analysis and extension of security concepts and documentations

Assessment of compliance with security guidelines and external requirements (MaRisk, ISO 27001)

Rating of implemented automated assessments (e.g. SAP CodeProfiler)

Intrusion testing: Evaluation of Firewall and network security

Non-autistic people search for information – autistic people find it. auticon consultants employ this astonishing strength for your research and data acquisition demands – with exceptional hit rates.