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Benefits of working with auticon in Software Development & Migration projects


Software development includes the creation and modification of computer applications, software, or specialized utility programs, including applications for mobile devices. Software development begins with analyzing user needs and develop software solutions. This may include analyzing and designing databases within an application area, working individually, or coordinating database development as part of a team.

Cognitive strengths relate to such things as attention to detail, precision, and analytical skills. Coupled with a different perspective on how to use effective and modern IT technologies and trends, auticon enables these unique capabilities of our autistic software developers to be brought to bear in the design and development of new applications as well as the modernisation of existing ones.

How can we help?

Software Development & Migration services

Product and application development

We implement your ideas, turning them into market-ready software solutions that are scalable, robust, and adaptable.

auticon can extend the functionality of existing applications by adding new functions and new modules to extend the capabilities of your existing software products.

We are able to offer outsourced software development, or the individual resources needed to supplement in-house development efforts with specific technological expertise.

Process for Software Development projects

Requirements Management

  • Determination of functional and non-functional requirements, data flows and user interface components
  • Analyze, validate and document software vision and define project scope

Software Prototyping

  • Provide specifications for the desired functionality and behaviour
  • Wireframes for early feedback; clickable prototypes for quick testing of solution elements
  • Proof-of-concept to evaluate and validate the solution with stakeholders before the development begins

Product Architecture

  • Analysis of possible product use cases and application scenarios to identify technically unsuitable or expensive functions
  • Proposal of the most appropriate technology stacks
  • Delivery of sophisticated system architectures that are compatible with different environments

Software Development

  • Implementation of the requirements in an agile way in order to be able to take customer feedback into account at an early stage
  • Integrated testing including test case specification and test automation (if applicable) for a stable and clearly defined software from day 1 of development

Migration and Software

auticon enables you to maintain the value of your past technology investments. We help reduce high operating and maintenance costs, and we can help you upgrade your technology portfolio in order to take advantage of new, modern technologies that are always becoming available. auticon offers you redesign and refactoring services and supports system migrations to new platforms as well as the technical architecture testing in advance of these.

Smartphones and tablets are playing an increasingly important role as platforms for enterprise software, and these bring with them significant issues of efficiency and usability. auticon can deliver for you, or assist you with:

  • User Experience Analysis
  • User Experience Design
  • GUI Refurbishment

We can also assist with:

  • System builds and Dependency testing
  • Test automation as part of quality assurance efforts
  • DevOps (using, for example, Docker and Kubernetes)

We help reduce total cost of operation by helping in:

  • Migration to other operating platforms
  • Cloud migration
  • Modernisation of the software production process

We have the experience to help you with:

  • Technology Analysis / Architecture Analysis
  • Security checks
  • System porting & migration

Process for migration and modernisation of software


  • Sustainability analysis of software architecture
  • Analysis of technologies and libraries
  • Source Code Analysis / Code Review
  • Security check
  • User Experience Analysis

Modernization of the production line

  • Introduction of dependency management
  • Continuous integration
  • Test automation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Static code analysis

Modernization of the Software

  • Conversion of monoliths into a service landscape
  • Selective new development
  • Modularization / detachment of services from existing software
  • Porting / Migration
  • Cloud Porting


  • MS.net
  • C/C++
  • PHP
    • Development
    • Product adaptions
    • Third party integration
    • Maintenance and support
  • Python
    • Prototyping and development
    • System migrations
    • Maintenance and support
  • Java
    • App Development
    • Analysis of existing solutions
    • App porting
    • Maintenance and support
  • Migration to the Cloud (Azure, Amazon, …)
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Container with Docker
  • Cloud Optimization

Success Stories

„We needed a new way of looking at things and particular analytical skills and so turned to auticon.
Our collaboration was exceedingly fruitful and productive.“

Tibor Konya I Head of GSE1 Business Continuity & Intelligence

Development of a cloud-based test automation software suite as a SaaS solution
Test automation from the cloud for the cloud
Successful development, operation and maintenance of a software suite for the automation of all manual regression test cases for the regular releases of the cloud solution SAP SuccessFactors (Automated Test Factory).
Technologies: Java, Selenium, Angular5, Mongo DB, Docker, Azure