NIMA Terms of Service

Welcome to NIMA, our application that allows you to participate in surveys to assess your organization’s neurodiversity inclusion status. The application is provided by auticon GmbH (hereinafter just “auticon” or “we”). Any use of the application is subject to the following Terms of Service:

1. Sponsoring organization

You may only access and use our application upon an invitation which we have sent to you on behalf of your organization which has asked auticon to assess its neurodiversity inclusion status. You may not share this invitation with any third party, and you may not access the application unless you are the legitimate recipient of this invitation on behalf of your organization.

2. Limited right to access and use the application

You may only access and use our application for the limited purpose of answering the survey questionnaire which it provides to help us assess your organization’s neurodiversity inclusion status. The design and content of the questionnaire are confidential information and protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. You may not copy the design or the content of the questionnaire, nor use our application in any other way for the purpose of developing a competing application that the same or a similar functionality as our application.

3. No incorrect or illegal answers

Your participation in the application survey, and any answers you may give to the questions that are part of a survey, are always voluntary. Answering the questions is neither a statutory nor a contractual requirement, nor a requirement necessary to enter into a contract. You are not obliged to answer any of the survey questions, but if you decide to answer a question you shall

  • reasonably endeavor to ensure that the answer you give is correct,
  • not provide any answers of which you are not sure whether they are correct (instead you should simply not answer the corresponding question), and
  • not provide any answers that are abusive, insulting, defamatory, or otherwise illegal.




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