Appreciation, peace of mind and fun projects make working at Specialisterren fun!

Carel is a senior test analyst at Specialisterren and is the exception to the rule as he does not have autism. Carel joined Specialisterren two and a half years ago as part of a reintegration project and has already completed a number of exciting projects. Read more about his experiences at Specialisterren below:

“I’ve been working in IT for 42 years and have held many positions in this field: analyst, designer, release coordinator, team leader and programmer. What I like about Specialisterren is that it’s based on the human factor and that employees are not seen as a financial resource.  

Working with colleagues who have a form of autism is instructive. Every autistic person is different. This sometimes creates funny and sometimes challenging situations, especially when it comes to communication. In any case, I really appreciate my colleagues! There is a pleasant and calm working atmosphere where it is easy to ask someone else for help. 

The type of projects we do at Specialisterren is also something I enjoy. For example, we have a number of clients with whom we work for a long time. There I can really see the result of our efforts and the high quality that is achieved through good collaboration. 

The appreciation I receive, the calm working environment and the fun projects make Specialisterren a great place to work! 

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