Transfer Solutions opts for social impact with Specialisterren

Transfer Solutions specializes in providing high-quality IT solutions. In doing so, they focus mainly on consulting and development. Since 2020, they have hooked up Specialisterren as a subcontractor, supporting quality assurance on various projects. This means that testers from Specialisterren, provide testing capacity within various development teams of Transfer Solutions. This testing capacity can consist of different services: from writing and executing test scripts to test automation.

Reinforcement in values

One of Transfer Solutions’ core values is being socially minded. So a great match with Specialisterren, allowing us to strengthen each other in both business value and social value!

Social Return certificate

By choosing Specialisterren, Transfer Solutions has created jobs for people with a form of autism. To thank them for this, our Maarten and Vincent visited Transfer Solutions last week to hand over a Social Return certificate. We are extremely happy with this impactful cooperation and the opportunities Transfer Solutions creates for our employees! 

V.l.n.r.: Maarten Oderker, René Hol, Arjan van der Palen, Vincent Aalbers

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