Specialisterren announces cooperation with SMRTR

Specialisterren and SMRTR are going to collaborate in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With this collaboration they combine unique expertise and experience. As a result, customers benefit from a further acceleration of their digital transformation. The result is a “digital colleague” who can ensure that employees experience higher productivity and can focus more on adding value.

SMRTR, specialist in the field of process optimisation, RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI), investigates, based on business objectives, where and how processes can be made more efficient. Digital colleagues can be of great help in places where repetitive actions take up too much time and energy, such as data entry and file creation.

With SMRTR’s expertise in the field of RPA, Specialisterren creates a digital colleague for this solution and then tests it so that the customer can be sure that the digital colleague actually performs as desired. Once the digital colleague has been taken into service, Specialisterren also takes care of the maintenance, so that the customer is completely relieved of all worries and the quality is assured during full use.

Thanks to this collaboration, the total expertise required for the deployment of RPA is available from a single source. Together, SMRTR and Specialisterren provide the solution that allows people to focus on the work that matters and not on all the administrative work involved. Tailored to the customer’s needs, of course. Specialisterren and SMRTR help customers achieve a positive ROI and social return.

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