Specialisterren achieves certified partner status for UiPath

Specialisterren has officially certified itself as an UiPath partner for both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Test Automation. This makes Specialisterren a trained and accredited UiPath partner to assist clients in exploring, applying, building, implementing, testing and maintaining RPA and Test Automation. In doing so, Specialisterren is also increasing its Social Impact.

With years of expertise in automated testing, Specialisterren has a strong background in both services. By extending this expertise to include RPA, we are now also supporting customers in improving business processes.

RPA takes over these tasks resulting in faster, error-free processing that can be carried out at any time (24/7). RPA thus creates a major advantage in terms of the value of labour input. Time spent on quantitative work can be exchanged for time spent on qualitative work. As a result, employee focus shifts from process to customer. Value creation in your organisation increases, along with employee satisfaction.


Ernst Kolvenbag, RPA Services Manager Specialisterren: “Specialisterren has built its name by supporting its clients in digital transformation. We understand like no other how processes and automation go together, and what the result of digital transformation should be. The addition of RPA services helps us to take the next step for our clients, from quantity to quality. We are now in the unique position to explore, build, implement, test and maintain test automation and RPA from a single source.

Maurits Houck, Managing Director, UiPath Benelux: “Through their experience, Specialisterren is excellently positioned to build a bridge between Test Automation and the use of the same automations in production. After the launch of the first version of our Test Automation platform earlier this year – together with our Studio Pro product – the collaboration with a professional party, with a clear mission, was a logical step. How Specialisterren is creating Social Impact with this is extraordinary. UiPath customers and the whole industry can only benefit from this integrated approach.”

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