Specialisterren and DNB collaboration creates new jobs

‍‍Test automation at DNB

Test Engineers from Specialisterren develop automated software tests for De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). This provides good results: meanwhile, most of DNB’s data checking is automated.

Modified working method

Together, DNB and Specialisterren have established an Agile way of working that suits Specialisterren’s Test Engineers. This working method allows our Test Engineers to add a lot of value and utilize their talents.

Social impact

Thanks to the trust we received from DNB, our testers can do a technically challenging assignment for this large and important agency. This also creates social impact. In fact, this collaboration creates some jobs for people with autism and also creates a positive image around this group.

Social Return certificate

DNB not only says that they think it is important that everyone can use his or her qualities, but also makes it possible. This is why Specialisterren recently presented the Nederlandsche Bank with a Social Return certificate.

We are pleased with this partnership that provides positive social impact and look forward to continued collaboration!

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