Unisys and auticon (Specialisterren) jointly deliver Social Return for the Ministry of Justice

Test Services

De vraag

auticon (Specialisterren) has been a test partner of Unisys, supplier of the DJI information system, since 2017.

ClientArbo Unie
ToolsMicrosoft Test Manager, TFS, Selenium, Fitnesse

The question

In 2017, Unisys, the supplier of the new information system of the DJI, was looking for a testing party that could also provide Social Return. Social return was an important requirement in DJI’s European tender. That’s how Unisys ended up with auticon (Specialisterren).

The cooperation

The new information system runs on a secure central government infrastructure and can change quickly and easily in line with legislation or changing environments. To continue monitoring the quality, auticon (Specialisterren) carries out full integration and acceptance tests. The auticon (Specialisterren) testers therefore work in an Agile manner in the Unisys team. Before Corona, auticon (Specialisterren) testers worked at Unisys in a separate, quiet workspace. In today’s world, the testers work from home, but still in close contact with the Unisys team.

The result

By purchasing test services from auticon (Specialisterren), Unisys is making a demonstrable contribution to the creation of sustainable employment for people distanced from the labour market. auticon (Specialisterren) approach fits in seamlessly with the scrum approach and Agile working methods used by Unisys. In addition, the quality of the information system has improved thanks to the detailed test approach adopted by auticon’s (Specialisterren’s) testers.

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