auticon (Specialisterren) tests entire software suite of Visma | Raet

The Question

In 2020, HR software supplier Visma | Raet switched to a new invoicing system. To ensure that this went smoothly, Visma | Raet called in auticon (Specialisterren). “auticon (Specialisterren) did a sterling job,” says Tom van Dael, CFO Visma | Raet, about his experience in this challenging .

The switch to a new invoicing system was part of a complex IT landscape with multiple financial systems. The integration with other systems such as Salesforce was also part of the migration.

ClientVisma | Raet


Tom: “We replaced our entire software street in nine months and it works! Of course there were hick-ups and some items had to be tested over and over again. That’s when you see the power of auticon (Specialisterren). The staff test with the same motivation and accuracy every time. Above all, they delivered as agreed, whether in terms of lead time, budget or quality.”


For Visma | Raet, hiring auticon (Specialisterren) was not a matter of charity. “The CSR aspect in their services is nice and fits in well with our own business model. But the main thing is that auticon (Specialisterren) did a great job.”

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