Schiphol and auticon (Specialisterren), a successful collaboration with Social Impact!

This project is there to improve the operational process around the VOP and avoid delays.


auticon (Specialisterren) and Schiphol have been working together since 2019 to improve processes for the benefit of fewer delays.


The question of Schiphol

Within Schiphol, there is the IT & data department, where all digital development takes place to make the passenger experience smarter, to speed up and facilitate the journey and to make operations more efficient.

In this department, one of the digital projects is to train a model that analyses camera images of aircraft stands (VOPs) in order to use the data, among other things, to make predictions about what will happen at the VOP. This project is intended to improve the operational process around the VOP and prevent delays. See also this article.

For this project, annotators were needed who would enjoy observing and annotating all the events that take place around the aircraft stand. This had to be done very accurately, so they started looking for people with autism at Schiphol and ended up at auticon (Specialisterren).

The cooperation

Before the Coronavirus, auticon’s (Specialisterren’s)people worked at Schiphol on fixed days, but since March 2020 they have been working from home or at auticon’s (Specialisterren’s)offices. Working remotely creates peace of mind and offers opportunities to create a low-stress environment. Despite this, the people from auticon (Specialisterren) are really part of the team at Schiphol and take part in stand-ups and virtual Friday afternoon drinks.

The result

The annotation work turns out to fit our people very well and to be of crucial importance. Through annotated observations, the people of Schiphol can do their work well. In terms of social impact, this cooperation creates two jobs a year for people with a form of autism.

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