High-quality testing and social impact at Geldmaat

Regression Test


High-quality testing and social impact at Geldmaat


The question

Geldmaat is the market leader in cash in the Netherlands. In order to continue delivering good products, they are focusing more and more on IT. To keep the IT within Geldmaat at a high level, there was a need for more quality control.

The cooperation

auticon (Specialisterren) has thus been carrying out manual regression tests for Geldmaat’s IT chain since 2020. The script for this test has been carefully prepared by analysts at auticon (Specialisterren). The regression test is performed remotely by a team of testers who have been given access to the test environment.

The result

auticon (Specialisterren) thus provides knowledge in the field of testing, high-quality test work and social impact.


See more about the cooperation with Geldmaat in this video.

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