Double social impact through cooperation with the Police

Test Automation


Since 2020 auticon (Specialisterren) has been working with the Police. Within the detection department, a number of our testers are working closely with a DevOps team from the Police.

ToolsBetty Blocks , Summit, Cypress, Jira

The question

Within a DevOps team of the Police there was a need for more knowledge and capacity regarding test automation. This team builds and maintains the applications of the General Investigation Department of the Police, NVWA and FIOD. These are registration and process systems that detectives use when starting, guiding and completing complete investigations. Particularly when developing two large and complex applications, it was important that these were tested automatically.

The solution

auticon (Specialisterren) has therefore been hired to develop automated test sets. In addition to automation, auticon (Specialisterren) also provides knowledge transfer to ensure future-proof quality. For the Police DevOps team this means more time for application development and no more need for large groups within the team to test manually.

The cooperation

For this collaboration, the Test Engineers of auticon (Specialisterren) were given access to the test environment of the Police after the functional requirements had been discussed. auticon (Specialisterren) then provided a plan of approach and a schedule based on the requirements. The auticon (Specialisterren) team works remotely from home, but there is a great deal of consultation: auticon (Specialisterren) has a single point of contact, namely the Test Lead. This Test Lead reports on the progress and any blockages in a stand-up session at several times a week. Intermediate demos of the test automation are also given every now and then.

The result

Automated test sets that can monitor the quality of crucial applications. These are built by experienced and skilled engineers from auticon (Specialisterren), ensuring that the collaboration runs smoothly, the test sets are of high quality and the knowledge required for this can be properly shared with the DevOps team. In addition, this collaboration has a double social impact: making the Netherlands safer and providing opportunities for people with a form of autism.

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