Social impact of NHG more than just a safety net for consumers

We know NHG (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie) as a safety net for consumers and a guarantee for lenders. Less well known is that they also realise social impact within their ict domain. For this, NHG recently received a Specialisterren Social Return Certificate. “This is a very nice bonus for us”, says NHG.


By purchasing test services from Specialisterren in 2019, NHG contributed to the creation of a job for a tester with a form of autism. Arthur van de Woestijne, manager of services at NHG is proud of the certificate: “NHG serves a social interest by offering a safety net to groups who are struggling in the housing market so that they are not left with residual debt if they become unemployed, for example.”

Nice bonus

Specialisterren employs people with autism and pools their talents. We selected Specialisterren because of the quality it delivers. The fact that we can also contribute to that and even receive a Social Return Certificate for it is a nice bonus”, says Arthur.

Automated testing

NHG works with millions of digital files that are fully automated and suitable for intensive use, both for internal and external users such as mortgage lenders and money lenders. The low-code software platform Mendix is used for this, with Specialisterren carrying out the test automation. Arthur: “Specialisterren is flexible, understands their business and delivers good work. Even remotely, as now because of the corona measures, they carry out their work well with the right toolkit and expertise.”

Moving forward together

NHG is working with the market to make the process of applying for a mortgage easier, quicker, cheaper and more reliable, thus giving consumers more control over their own finances. Arthur: “We’d love to have Specialisterren on board too. We will certainly continue to work together.


The presentation took place just before the start of the one and a half metre measure. In the photo Arthur van de Woestijne (second from right) accepts the Social Return Certificate from Sjoerd van der Maaden of Specialisterren. Flanked by Vincent Aalbers and Anne Nuninga (account manager and sales support Specialisterren respectively).

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