Meet our team coach Marloes and learn more about how we coach our people!

To create the best possible working environment for our colleagues with autism, test leads (project leaders) and our team coach are indispensable within Specialisterren. Our test leads are in contact with the client, planning and directing the project and supervising the content of their colleagues. The team coach focuses on the training and supervision of our employees. Our team coach Marloes has been with Specialisterren for two years and is the first in this position and would be happy to tell you more about her experiences as a team coach at Specialisterren! 

The connecting factor 

As a team coach, Marloes is the connecting factor between management and people with autism. This can involve all sorts of things: from training and career guidance to illness, and from people who have become stuck to the on-boarding of new people. Marloes: “I make sure that everyone gets a place, is managed better or gets work that suits them.“In addition, she occasionally tells our clients who work with our colleagues more about autism in the workplace and how to deal with it.

Believing in the qualities of autism

Marloes herself has two brothers with autism and has always seen their qualities. She is therefore pleased to be able to contribute to the image that autism is not by definition something that stands in the way, but on the contrary can contribute a great deal. Marloes: “I do not see the use of people with autism as a disguised form of day care, but as a unique addition to a team. I always try to discover what someone’s qualities are.

Curious about the reason for behaviour 

Being naturally curious about behaviour and where it comes from is a characteristic that ensures Marloes always starts the conversation. Marloes:“Non-helpful behaviour is not necessarily the result of what seems obvious, think for example of someone who makes little progress throughout the day. This does not have to be due to someone’s qualities, or laxity, but can also be caused by someone not daring to ask questions. This in turn can be based on a lack of self-confidence. Building self-confidence will be much more successful in the long run than telling someone to ask more questions, or simply to keep working.”

A checklist for relaxed working

Unfortunately, it is common for new employees to have a lack of self-esteem. This is often caused by previous work or private experiences where there was less or no understanding for their autism. In these cases, Marloes first works to help people find their place, so that they can regain their self-esteem from a secure position. 

Another thing Marloes sees a lot is that people with autism don’t always realise how much work costs them. Short-term sick leave at Specialisterren is relatively high because people need a day to recharge after a busy work period. Under the motto “prevention is better than cure”, Marloes tries to show people what stress does to them, how it feels and how they can deal with it and reduce their stress levels before they become ill. Marloes: ” Together with these colleagues, I draw up a checklist of what they need in order to be able to work in a relaxed manner.Then, when they feel the first bout of stomach ache coming on, I hope they take out that checklist to see if they can still work in a relaxed way.”

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how Specialisterren supports people with autism? Then watch this webinar.

Marloes also gives advice on coaching to external companies. Would you like to know more about this? Send a message to ln.ne1721824338rrets1721824338ilaic1721824338eps@n1721824338enna1721824338

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