Low-code service provider Appronto opts for social impact with Specialisterren

Breda-based company Appronto builds applications in Mendix and does integration of on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments using the low-code platform Boomi. For some of their clients they have built applications for, Specialisterren has provided various testing services over the years. This has allowed Specialisterren to become an expert in Mendix application testing.

This collaboration has helped create jobs for people with a form of autism. This is why Sjoerd van der Maaden and Ben Miltenburg visited Appronto to present Ronald Beer with a Social Return Certificate

V.l.n.r.: Sjoerd van der Maaden, Ronald Beer, Ben Miltenburg

We are delighted with this great partnership, which allows our staff to develop as experts in testing Mendix environments!

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