Knowledge blog: The importance of testing in an Agile software development project

Agile software development

Agile is a way of working in which agility is paramount. An organisation that develops software using the Agile methodology is aware that circumstances change and knows how to respond to this by constantly adjusting the process. Agile development or software development is an umbrella term for several software development methods, including, for example, Scrum and Kanban. Specialisterren employees have extensive experience with testing within the various Agile methodologies.

Why Agile software testing

By integrating software testing into your Agile development process, built features can be tested immediately. This helps find bugs in the sprint and avoids rework, which can save money and time. Also, involving testers in your Agile process creates focus among developers. Because testers test against acceptance criteria, they constantly see the initial intent and will report deviations. This ensures more lean development. If the existing acceptance criteria are unclear, they are sharpened by the testers which again provides a better basis for developers.

Agile testing fully integrated into development strategy

It is common that testers are only hooked up once the acceptance criteria have already been determined and the build process has started. However, this can create ambiguity about the content of a user story. This can be avoided by already hooking testers up during refinements. This ensures clear acceptance criteria, which makes the whole development process clear. If the tester has collaborated on clear acceptance criteria, the tester can easily deliver precise and unambiguous test results throughout the process. In other words, the tighter the input, the better the output. 

Improve acceptance by clients using test results

Clear test results based on accurate acceptance criteria provide the proof of delivered results. In this way, they are the basis for acceptance by the Product Owner or Business User. In this way, testing is not just an operational part of Agile development, but becomes truly strategic.

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