Knowledge blog: The power of Cypress

Are you looking for a test tool that makes test automation easier? In this blog, get to know Cypress, Specialisterren’s preferred tool for test automation of (modern) websites and applications. In this blog, we dive into what Cypress is, when and why to use Cypress, and what to look out for when implementing Cypress.

What is Cypress and when do you use Cypress?

Cypress is a powerful test automation tool designed to make Web application testing simple and efficient. The tool enables developers to write and run end-to-end, component and API tests, allowing for quick and early detection of bugs and errors. Cypress provides an intuitive user interface and uses JavaScript to write test scripts, making it easy to learn and implement.

When should you use Cypress?

Cypress is ideal for web developers and test automators who

  1. Need quick feedback: Cypress offers real-time reloading of tests, meaning you can see and test changes to your code instantly without having to manually refresh. This significantly speeds up the development cycle and allows you to get quick feedback on how your application is working.
  1. Need end-to-end and/or component testing: If you are developing a Web application, it is critical to ensure that all components are working properly and that they work well together. With Cypress, you can isolate all components and write end-to-end tests that simulate the user experience, such as filling out forms, navigating through pages and interacting with elements. This allows you to ensure that your application works correctly in a realistic environment.
  1. Using JavaScript: Cypress is built with JavaScript and uses its powerful capabilities to write test scripts. If you are already familiar with JavaScript, the learning curve is minimal and you can quickly get started with Cypress. In addition, you can take advantage of the power and all the (extension) features of Node.js

The benefits of Cypress

What are the advantages of Cypress over other test automation tools? A major advantage of Cypress is its easy installation and setup: Cypress can be easily installed via npm (Node Package Manager) and requires no additional dependencies. Moreover, it provides a user-friendly interface to run your tests and view results. Finally, a big advantage is that Cypress is open-source. Want to learn more about Cypress? Then go to ‍

Test automation at Specialisterren

Specialisterren has been providing test automation for over 12 years. With it, we enable developers to build software quickly and agile. We also use it to provide proof to the Product Owner (PO) that the software meets the functional requirements. In this way, both the scrum master and PO are able to develop and put software into production quickly and agile.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Cypress or outsourcing test automation to an expert partner? Then email ln.ne1721347169rrets1721347169ilaic1721347169eps@o1721347169fni1721347169

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