Instant test automation on Mendix platform

Specialisterren works together with Curiosity Software Ireland and Omnext. With the combination of Curiosity test modeller and Omnext analysis software it is now possible to generate test models directly from the Mendix repository.

Specialisterren has partnered with Curiosity Software Ireland, a specialist provider of model-based testing and with Omnext, experts in software quality assurance. The joint offering provides instant test models for Mendix environments without manual work.

This cooperation enables low-code developers, product owners and “citizen developers” to carry out fast and up-to-date automated tests with little effort. In this way, quality is maintained and low-code does not become slow-code.

Low-code development speeds up software delivery, allowing “Citizen Developers” to release software without coding manually. This rapid innovation requires equally rapid quality control, with each release tested within short iterations.

By working together with Curiosity and Omnext Specialisterren introduces the possibility for Product owners and non-technical testers to fulfil the role of “citizen tester”. Specialisterren supports the implementation and provides additional services in the field of test approach, integration in the CI/CD process, data modelling and integration of testing outside the low-code environment such as testing of email, PDF etc.

Manual test execution cannot match the speed of low-code development. Quality assurance therefore requires test automation, otherwise risky bugs will be released. However, automated testing usually requires slow and complex scripting – exactly what low-code tries to avoid.

That’s why Curiosity Software and Omnext have integrated Curiosity’s Test Modeller with the Omnext Fit Test Platform, which provides rapid test automation accessible to low-code developers.

The automated approach enables Citizen Developers to thoroughly test fast moving apps. The Omnext Fit Test Platform first analyses the quality of low-code applications using recognised standards and provides detailed risk-based insights. This further analyses the app’s components and underlying logic, and automatically builds a model of the application under test. Curiosity’s Test Modeller converts these models into intuitive visual flowcharts, applying ‘coverage’ algorithms to generate a complete test suite.

This “code-less” automation designs tests that are built to uncover bugs that have arisen in the planned release. The tests are also customisable and generate scripts, even for complex systems, with Specialisterren on hand to provide expert test automation services.

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